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John Kiesewetter on the world of local and national TV

Senior Entertainment Reporter John Kiesewetter has been covering TV and media issues for 20 years. After joining the Cincinnati Enquirer in 1975 as a summer intern, he worked as a county government and suburban reporter; assistant city editor and suburban editor; and features editor supervising the Life section. He has a B.S. in journalism from Ohio University.

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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

White Death Is Coming!

White Death is Coming!
Yeah, I know local TV ratings jump when we get bad weather. But hyping the possibility of snow TWO DAYS IN ADVANCE??? Channel 9 was running crawls during “A Charlie Brown Christmas” at 8 p.m. Tuesday, warning viewers to tune in at 11 for the weather forecast -- about snow coming Thursday evening! Are the weather alerts out of control? Just like the Breaking News alerts? Tell me what you think…

What did he say?
Did you hear Al Roker on the “Today” show this morning? I’m told that Cincinnati was his “pick city” for the day, and then he told the national TV audience that when he comes here, he always has Skyway Chili. Yep, this is the guy who broadcast from the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center in April and called it the “National Slavery Center” on NBC.
If you heard Roker's chili remark, let me know...

In it to win it?
So what do you think: Will the Linz kids from Anderson Township win $1-million on “The Amazing Race?” finale next week? I’d say they were a sure bet – but shut down action on “TAR” in September due to heavy betting all from Ohio on the Linzes to win it. I’d say it looks good for the Linzes.

Easy does it
Yes, I learned my lesson yesterday. If you bang on the key to post the blog, and nothing happens… you end up posting the same blog seven times. What can I say. It was a bad day.


at 12/07/2005 11:38 AM Blogger sledge said...

Steve Raleigh did say during his 11 PM forecast last night that 'there would be no need to rush out to the stores and clean the shelves', but I'll bet you that there will be live reports from said stores of people doing just that, either tonight or Thursday afternoon.

It's just snow. It's not like this doesn't happen every winter.

at 12/07/2005 11:45 AM Blogger BMurdock said...

That's just like Channel 9 news these days. Is there new managment there or are they just willing to stoop to anything to get ratings? I've noticed a number of times lately on their evening news where they seem to be pounding their chests at the wrong time.

at 12/07/2005 12:18 PM Anonymous SPOILER said...

This is a Spoiler, so don't read any further if you like live TV surprises.

Since all betting is closed...
The Linz kids win The Amazing Race. It wasn't even close. Of course, I am sure when they air it they will make it look like it is.
If you have a friend willing to place a small side bet, take the Linz family to the bank.

at 12/07/2005 1:28 PM Anonymous kreynolds said...

It was SO fun last night, watching "A Charlie Brown Christmas" with our 6-year old when the weather warning signal sounded. When she asked what it was, I said "they are warning us about possible snow 2 DAYS FROM NOW!" Her response..."why are they doing THAT?"

There was no reasonable answer, and the sarcastic ones zinging through my head wouldn't do either of us any good.

"I dunno," I replied.

at 12/07/2005 2:43 PM Anonymous Cheesy Poofs said...

Is Lost going to be a new episode tonight?

at 12/07/2005 4:04 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

From Ornateboat

The weather hysteria, so far in advance, is irritating.

I received a call from one of my daughters in Florida who told me of Al Roker's "Skyway Chili" comment. Must be a rookie producer.

at 12/07/2005 4:14 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

do the tv stations know that sweeps is over? and on the al roker comment, cincinnati can never get a break can they?!

at 12/07/2005 9:46 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Al Roker said, "Chili, I love it three-way!" and then there was an audio glitch.

As for the weather warnings, it is not necessary for the stations to leave the weather warnings up continuously more than a day before the snow hits. It would make more sense just to show for a few seconds at the top or the bottom of the hour. Sometimes WLWT will have two compete weather crawls at the top and the bottom of the screen telling basically the same information.

at 12/08/2005 9:07 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hear they don't have control of it, that it's activated by the National Weather Service.

at 12/08/2005 9:41 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is not the first time ROker has screwed up Cincy Chili "SkyLINE." I saw him on air a few months ago and again called it something else. Maybe if he's nice, he can get an interview with Thad Johnson (HA!).

at 12/08/2005 10:14 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

the weather people are rediculous its not just the chief weather people but the management. I think we are at a point where we should flood the stations with calls saying STOP the weather terrorism(?) and call the advertisers and tell them to support us or we wont buy their product. Remember Dave Fraser from channels 5 and 19 he was fired from channel 5 because he wouldn't call a couple of inches of snow a hugh winter storm or something like that

at 12/08/2005 1:41 PM Blogger BMurdock said...

Weather alerts are definitly out of control. The reporters standing behind salt trucks explaining everything to us this morning was insulting.

Useful news alerts on the ticker are another thing but the key is it has to be something truly important and useful.

My hat is off to Channel 12 for running Amber Alerts and missing person alerts on their ticker. Now that is a good example of using media for the public good not just for good ratings.

at 12/08/2005 6:51 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

on top of all these alerts, the channel 5 school closing crawl is driving me crazy! they take up half the screen with three miniscule logos and radar! absolutely ridiculous!

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