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John Kiesewetter on the world of local and national TV

Senior Entertainment Reporter John Kiesewetter has been covering TV and media issues for 20 years. After joining the Cincinnati Enquirer in 1975 as a summer intern, he worked as a county government and suburban reporter; assistant city editor and suburban editor; and features editor supervising the Life section. He has a B.S. in journalism from Ohio University.

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Monday, June 19, 2006

WLW-AM News Changes Next Week

This just in Tuesday morning: WLW-AM will switch from Channel 12 weather/news to Channel 5 sooner than later, but not next Monday as I posted below Monday in this blog. Due to technical issues, Channel 5 won't be ready to provide info to WLW-AM on Monday when the radio station switches around its news networks. The change to Channel 5 could happen before the end of June. Here's what I wrote Monday:

Look for news changes at WLW-AM next Monday. The Clear Channel radio station is expected to launch its news partnership with WLWT (Ch 5), about five weeks earlier than announced. The June 26 date coincides with Clear Channel radio here playing musical chairs with its news networks. Fox News moves off WLW-AM to conservative talker WKRC-AM (550). ABC News, which was bumped from WLW-AM last summer because of Clear Channel’s corporate deal with Fox News, returns to WLW-AM from progressive talker WCKY-AM. CBS News, which had been WKRC-AM, likely will move up the dial to WCKY-AM.
Jim Scott will continue to chat each week with Fox News’ Chris Wallace and Bill Hemmer – though Hemmer will be on assignment this summer, and won’t resume weekly chats with Scott until September, I’m told.
WLW-AM folks stunned managers at sister Clear Channel TV station WKRC-TV (Ch 12) in late May by announcing the switch to Channel 5. Folks at Channel 5 – a distant third in the household TV news ratings at 6 & 11 p.m.—see the deal with WLW-AM, the No. 1 radio station here for six years – as a big step in turning around ratings.

History Detectives here
“History Detectives” opens its fourth season on PBS (9 p.m. today, Ch 48, 16) with a brief scene from Cincinnati, but it’s incidental. PBS shot here because co-host and Americana expert Wes Cowan is here. A man named Shawn Kennedy flew here from the state of Washington to show his old U.S. flag to Cowan, claiming it was draped over McKinley’s coffin. After looking at the flag, Cowan and the film crew went to Canton for McKinley research.
“History Detectives” will be filming in the area again today and Tuesday. A crew will be in Dayton today and at Cowan’s East End auction house Tuesday shooting a story about a Toledo-area woman with an undated sketch from “Superman” creators Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster.


at 6/19/2006 11:14 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

so i'm guessing wlw will change its news update intro again...maybe they'll go back to the old one.

at 6/19/2006 11:34 AM Blogger BMurdock said...

But why would WLW want to be associated with the bottom rated TV news team?

at 6/19/2006 12:22 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

250,000 reasons a year

at 6/19/2006 3:37 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

wlw hardly has time for any news cause their news opens are so long. it's funny.

at 6/19/2006 4:10 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

They should kill off the Faux Fox News sounder with the date, go straight into the ABC News anthem stinger with the main headline, like they used to do before CC Corporate made them change to Faux News.

Hey John....CBS Radio News is actually returning to 1530WCKY. Remember NewsTalk1530? When Cincinnati radio actually had competition?

at 6/19/2006 5:50 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stunned....thats funny. More then likely 12 covering there ass saying that.

at 6/20/2006 10:29 AM Blogger BMurdock said...

Competition? What's that? These big radio companies might be making big money but they killed radio...

at 6/20/2006 10:52 AM Blogger John Kiesewetter said...

Folks at Ch 12 tell me they didn't see the split with WLW-AM coming. They say they didn't know about the Ch 5 deal until morning it was anounced, and I believe them.

at 6/20/2006 12:13 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

You should hear how WLW folks talk about their relationship with 12 was.

at 6/20/2006 1:47 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

You should hear how Channel 12 folks talk about it.

This will not help Channel 5. They'll get a viewer spike, and then people will see how awful they are and go back. Besides, Channel 12 still has the strong CBS lineup as a lead-in. NBC has not been very helpful to Channel 5. We'll have to see how this affects Channel 9.

at 6/20/2006 4:09 PM Blogger dmdavis said...


How long is WLW's agreement with XM Radio? I'm concerned that I'll wake up one morning and it will be gone. I live far far away.

at 6/20/2006 7:42 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Seems to be a lot of Channel 12 people (I am sorry, you guys liked to be called LOCAL 12...thats stupid)posting about News 5.

Channel 12's news is SOOOOO BAD! You all have a comsumer reporter that looks like he belongs in a mental hospital, a sports guy that looks like he belongs on the cover of GQ and not on TV, and a health reporter that looks like the wicked witch of Highland Aveune.

I much prefer 5 to 12. If 5's news is not on, I don't watch tv.

Since there are a lot of 12's people posting on here...lets here about your relationship to WLW.

John, stop being so blind and open your eyes. If you were a TRUE media reporter you would know how BAD the relationship was between WLW and WKRC.

at 6/20/2006 9:32 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm not a Channel 12 person. Are you a Channel 5 person? This blog is the ONLY place I've ever heard or seen someone say they like Channel 5. That's kind of strange, isn't it? I have a life, unlike some of you, so the topic of TV news doesn't come up. But when it does, Channel 5 is usually the joke. The ratings prove it. WLW is doing this for the money. They're not trying to prove how autonomous they are. It's all about the money.

at 6/20/2006 10:09 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's why there are six job postings for WKRC on the Clear Channel website. Join the Local 12 team and make $8.00 an hour.

I'd apply, but unemployment pays more.

at 6/20/2006 10:51 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

in response to the person above who doesn't like Ch. 12, when talking about the health reporter, are you talking about Liz Bonis or Kit Andrews ??

at 6/20/2006 10:53 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

$8.00 an hour? Dude, welcome to every radio and TV station in town.

at 6/20/2006 11:03 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

"COMSUMER" reporter. And you want to be taken seriously?

at 6/21/2006 12:29 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

well you obviously watch channel 5 because they have the most attractive anchors and reporters. news is not just entertainment. look at local 12's substance and how they are in 1st place at most times even without the most beautiful people. and i do not work for local 12 (which is not a stupid name)

at 6/21/2006 1:32 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

With all of the radio stations resetting networks....let's look at one TV station. Hey 12....your lousy "Local12" (which sounds more like a union on strike) should get the heave-ho and replaced with Eyewitness 12 News. (Maybe even the WPVI Music too??)

Paula anchoring leaves us shaking our heads. At least the Mrs. didn't ask "what the hell is she wearing?", which is the weekly occurrance in the house.

Dayna did ok tonight though she seemed to sound like she was auditioning.

Hey missed mentioning that Trish Mackie did her news internship with Dick Von Hoene. "From Ghoul to bras to Jack" Now that's a headline for your story :)

at 6/21/2006 11:48 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kit Andrews looks likes she's about to fall off the chair. comes down to credibility. 12 has it. As for 5, not yet. I often wonder if Sandra Ali even knows what she's reading..or cares?

at 6/21/2006 2:57 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

sandra is hot! ok, i should say "very attractive." but now that she's about to be hitched, it seems that some of her "hotness" is gone. channel 12 seems to have a more toned down newscast compared to channel 5. channel 5 also has emily longnecker!

at 6/21/2006 10:45 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fox News has hot chicks...9 has hot chicks...5 has hot chicks....12 has Liz Bonis.....

Give me Fox, 9 or 5 over creepy Liz anyday!

Guys watch the news half the time for the hot chicks!

at 6/23/2006 1:27 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

ANy bets on how long it will take Willie to start making lewd commnet about Soundra and Sheree??

at 6/23/2006 3:15 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

C'mon. Cunningham always made fun of "Lips" until the corporate edict of no mention of any station but 12.

I guess the Lips comments will return.

at 6/23/2006 7:27 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

A corporate edict that did not exist until 12 bitched about everything Cunningham did...

at 6/26/2006 8:02 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

A true edict or from "Helen Mays"?

at 6/28/2006 9:07 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I met Emily once, she is really nice and even more beautiful in person.

at 4/25/2007 7:27 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree! Liz Bonis is as fake looking as they come!

at 7/25/2007 12:42 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Health reporters should look natural! On Local 12, not so much!

at 11/04/2007 11:06 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Liz Bonis definitely needs to go a little lighter on the make up...a natural look would be so much more flattering. And is it me, or do her eyes change color?? Weird. And can't be healthy!

at 2/07/2008 5:35 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

The health reports are the same, nothing new, nothing that's particularly helpful or inspiring. The health segment should be cut out completely. I know how to eat right and exercise, the rest I'd just as soon rely on my doctor.

at 2/25/2008 10:32 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I want to comb Liz Bonis' hair for her, it looks so unkempt! I know she gets up early, but comb, or cut, the hair! Yikes!

at 3/08/2008 9:14 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is very stick-straight. A shorter look would be better, but I still find Liz annoying. Most of the rest of the Local 12 crew seems fairly genuine.

at 3/29/2008 9:04 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hate the fake smiles Liz gives: And this person died of cancer *Smiles* or This person committed suicide, and you could too! *Smiles* We have a lot of sickness in the Tri-State, you could be next! *Smiles* Ugh! Be real, and speak without drawing out your words and *Smiling!*

at 5/01/2008 5:28 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey now, maybe Liz just got done exercising and THAT'S why the hair's all out over the place!

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