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John Kiesewetter on the world of local and national TV

Senior Entertainment Reporter John Kiesewetter has been covering TV and media issues for 20 years. After joining the Cincinnati Enquirer in 1975 as a summer intern, he worked as a county government and suburban reporter; assistant city editor and suburban editor; and features editor supervising the Life section. He has a B.S. in journalism from Ohio University.

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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

WAQZ-FM Staff Fired, WGRR/Star Country Swap

It's been a crazy day in radio here.... It started with an e-mail saying all the on-air staff on WAQZ-FM (97.3), the "Everything Alternative" rock station, was fired Monday. By mid-afternoon came word that the Entercom purchase of the 4 CBS Radio stations went through (WAQZ, WUBE, WKRQ, WGRR). And then another shoe dropped: Entercom swapped oldies WGRR to Cumulus for country STAR 94.9.
Listeners won't hear many changes, if any, right away on oldies WGRR and STAR. I'm expecting that the staffs will remain intact, but who knows.
The deal makes sense in this way: Cumulus now has WARM98 and oldies WGRR, which was the closest format to the old MOJO format it just sold off. They can sell WARM98 and WGRR together easily. And Cumulus also kept MOJO PD Keith Mitchell around, and he knows something about programming oldies.
For Entercom, they get a country monopoly. Just like the old days. Until 2000, B105 and "Young Country" WYGY-FM were owned by the same company, until split apart. Now they're back together. Don't expect changes at B105, the #1 music station. And expect STAR/WYGY to aim at younger listeners; it's #8 in the 18-34 demo.
And then there is WAQZ. Below is an email that Jim Bryant and Mike Fredrcik sent to all the CBS (now Entercom) staffers. I'm told that only program director Julie Evans survived the purge. E-mail also says that the move was made by Entercom. I'm guessing all this adds up to a format change, but to what?
Here's the e-mail from Jim Bryant and Mike Fredrick to staff at the sister stations:
"I’m sorry to inform you that today a bunch of talented and dedicated individuals were let go from WAQZ. We want to recognize the unbelievable amount of work, dedication and creativity these people brought to work each and every day. This team includes:
Jimmy "the weasel"
Sally Vollner
Jamie Boyle
Entercom is making changes to the 97.3 product and made this call moving forward. Please take the time to reach out to these people as a friend and co-worker.
We thank each and every one of them for what they brought to our cluster."
--Jim and Mike

In The Zone
"The Twilight Zone" shows began airing this morning on 96.5, replacing the country "Star" simulcast with 94.9, as Cumulus prepares to put a syndicated talk format on the station sometime soon... possible by week's end.

Halloween fun

Dusty Rhodes host his annual five-hour Halloween "The Scare on the Air" starting at 6 p.m. today on oldies WDJO-AM (1160).
WGUC-FM (90.9) debuts a new "Tunes from the Crypt" for Halloween. Crypt keepers Mark Perzel and Bruce Ellis have added new music from "Star Wars," "Pirates of the Caribbean" and "Finding Nemo" with past "Crypt" favorites for a two-hour broadcast starting 6 p.m. today. "Tunes from the Crypt Goes To The Movies" follows at 8 p.m. For more info go to


at 10/31/2006 3:50 PM Blogger Brad said...

97.3 screwed up when they changed formats after Howard Stern went to Sirius. The station was pretty good up until then. Now they play 1 good song for every 15 bad songs.

at 10/31/2006 3:57 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

So now the only real "rock" station in town is WEBN? Great, I can listen to the same playlist that I heard a decade ago on my Walkman tape deck.

WEBN: "Haven't changed since high school? Neither have we."

at 10/31/2006 4:50 PM Blogger BMurdock said...

I have to agree, actually they lost me a while ago. I was dissapointed when they added Stern. Prior to that they actually played music in the mornings. In my opinion it was all downhill after Stern was added...

at 10/31/2006 4:54 PM Anonymous a girl on the westside... said...

WOW! I actually liked the "shuffle" format of 97.3. Man, this is a sad day for me. I'll miss the Weasel for sure....

at 10/31/2006 7:41 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

in a different blog - someone said the station is going country.

do we really need that?!?!?!?!

at 10/31/2006 7:50 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

what blog is reporting the country switch?

at 10/31/2006 8:14 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

97.3 will eventually go country, while 94.9 will go to a rock format. WUBE does not want their sister country station to have a better signal. So they stick country on the tny horrible 97.3 signal and put a rock format on 94.9.

at 10/31/2006 8:15 PM Blogger skippercollector said...

To John and/or anyone else:
Is there a list somewhere that lists all of the Cincinnati TV and radio stations by which companies own them? What I would like to read is a list of corporations, the call letters of the stations, and, in regard to the radio stations, their numbers and their music formats.
After reading both John's announcements and the commentaries here for the past two months, I am rather overwhelmed by the constant changes. I realize that such a list is very, very changeable and will likely be different next week (and the week after, and next month).

at 10/31/2006 8:33 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cumulus : 94.9, 96.5, 98.5

Entercom : 97.3, 101.9, 103.5, 105.1

CC : 92.5, 94.1, 102.7, 107.1, 550, 700, 1360, 1530, Channel 12

R1 : 100.3, 101.1, 1230

First : 97.7, 99.5

Braden : 105.9, 910

Baldwin : 104.3, 1450, 1560

Hearst : 5

Scripps Howard : 9

Raycom : 19

Elliot Block : 25 & 38

Sinclair : 64

Who did I forget?

at 10/31/2006 8:50 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

You forgot that at midnight tonight, it will be:

Cumulus: 98.5, 96.5, and 103.5

Entercom: 101.9, 105.1, 94.9, and 97.3

at 10/31/2006 11:12 PM Anonymous Lance Venta said...

Why did Jim Bryant register a number of webdomains back in September with animal names?

in addition to:

Entercom has launched a few country Wolf's over the past few months including Seattle and Greensboro. CBS recently relaunched its Country station in Denver as 92.5 The Wolf.

Lance Venta

at 11/01/2006 6:00 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Unless something has changed, I believe 96.5 transmits from a tower on WLW's Mason property. So CC's talk competition will broadcast from it's own land. Odd.

But CC's always been about $$ (ie. the channel 5 partnership).

at 11/01/2006 9:36 AM Blogger BMurdock said...

As Vinny Baborino(sp?) used to say - AHH!!! I'm so confused!!

So I wonder how/if this affects 95.5?

at 11/01/2006 9:37 AM Blogger John Kiesewetter said...

Yes, this just in Wednesday morning... New owners of STAR country moving it from 94.9 to 97.3, and calling it the Wolf, WYGY-FM. Same air staff as STAR. So alternative rock on 97.3 is gone, as I expected. Entercom (former CBS) market mgr. Jim Bryan says Wolf will skew younger than WUBE, with more new music and current music in the rotation. More loud and more outlandish, he says.
So what happens to 94.9? He won't say. I'm guessing a new music format. I keep hear buzz about a "party" or "movin'" format. Not sure what that is? Rhythmic AC music from the '90s? A MOJO for '90s music? Can anyone tell me?

at 11/01/2006 11:26 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

John, I just saw in the new TV Guide that there will be a new show called "John from Cincinnati". I think it is a Project Greenlight show.

at 11/01/2006 11:27 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Info about Movin' at Alan is the creator of the format. Thanks for the great coverage on this John. Can you tell us if the WGRR airstaff survived the move to Cumulus. It's just a jukebox as of 11 a.m.

at 11/01/2006 11:43 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who's Randy Michaels?

at 11/01/2006 11:59 AM Blogger Brad said...

WTUE 104.7 out of Dayton is a good station for rock now that it is only WEBN in this market, but it doesn't come in very well unless you are in your car.

at 11/01/2006 12:01 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm telling you - if you're sick of searching stations for your favorite music, sick of alternative getting switched to country, country switching to talk, liberal talk switched to sports -- then get a satellite radio.

I love my Sirius - had it for more than a year. My alternative rock stations are still there. I can still get liberal talk in the same spot. I can listen to Howard Stern like an adult without the FCC editing every other word. Its awesome - great Christmas gift.

If you're still not convinced, think of it this way: do you limit your TV to broadcast stations or do you spring for cable so you can get a whole lot more channels??? Seriously, its only $13 a month - and if you spend a ton of time in your car, its worth the investment.

at 11/01/2006 12:08 PM Blogger TechKing said...

this is ridiculous, WEBN was outdated 10 years ago, I stuck with 97.3 when it was channel Z on 107...I don't spend a lot of time in my car, so a satellite seems useless. I liked rover's morning show, but I guess it's off to listen to it on the net now. Way to go Entercom! Nothing like turning your back on the younger community

at 11/01/2006 12:24 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...


at 11/01/2006 12:29 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

they did their research and did what they want to do and remember netiquette, no all caps bozo dont shout! Got It GOOD

at 11/01/2006 12:43 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey all, this is Robert from I live in the Cincinnati area and 97.3 changes sucks.

I have to agree with the previous posters in saying WAQZ going country is a bad idea as well. Nothing is confirming that yet, but if it does, it will happen tomorrow.

I have had it with these Republican/Neocon suits kicking the younger generations in the balls. They have total control of the radio media in the United States and when they are not using conservative puppets to peddle White House policy on the AM dial, they are trying to play the high and mighty moralists, telling us what we can and cannot do on the FM dial.

It is scary that WEBN (the ultimate old person station) is going to be the only rock station in Cincinnati and Mancow is going to replace Rover.

If Rover's Morning Glory is not on tomorrow morning, I will own a Sirius by the end of the day. Rover was the one thing that kept me on terresteral radio and once he is gone, I am gone. Rover should also consider moving his show to Sirius when his contract is up. Rover keeps getting dealt blows. He admitted to the Chicago loss, but he also lost Cape Cod and Detriot a couple of months ago.

Be sure to contact the Entercom to complain that the 97.3 staff firings (a lot of good people who did not deserve to get fired), format change, and the likely dumping of "Rover's Morning Glory" is a bad idea.

Be sure to visit and listen to the Friday podcast at 11:00pm EST.

at 11/01/2006 1:26 PM Blogger TechKing said...

People, what we need is a call to arms of sorts. Call the 97.3 Radio station request line 513-749-7973 and main line 513-699-5959. Email Julie (yes she is still alive at the station) and let them know your thoughts and opinions. If it's the Dj, the secretary or the janitor, let the corporate slugs know how dissatisfied we are and tell them you are moving to satellite. Boycott their clients...Kerry Ford, Queen City Jobs, Joseph Chevrolet, anyone still with an ad on 97.3's website. Hell, call those companies too. Let them know what they've doen to the loyalty of their listeners. MAKE YOUR OPINION HEARD! They may still change the station, but they will sure as hell know how much it pissed us off. Our only defense is their pocketbook. Make them think about it!!!!

at 11/01/2006 1:27 PM Blogger TechKing said...

Don't let the voices of your favorite DJ's be for naught. Don't enjoy the silence, make a change!
I'm sure they (fired or not) are reading this. Let em know they are/were loved and appreciated.

at 11/01/2006 1:35 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

lol... Bush killed alternative radio.

You liberals are ate up. If your car didn't start this morning, I guess it would be his fault too.

Get a clue. Business is business and apparently alternative radio isn't good business.

at 11/01/2006 2:17 PM Blogger Antonio said...

Anon 1:35, Bush wasn't mentioned until you brought him up...

at 11/01/2006 2:28 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wouldn't the president be setting the "White House" policy that the original poster was making up (lying about).

Bush is king of the Republician Neo-con zionists, everyone knows that.

at 11/01/2006 2:30 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Keep the radio articles coming John, even when the FM dial is not in total upheaval as it is this week. Radio is more than an appliance as evidenced by the passionate comments that preceed this remark.

Exciting strategic shifts. Still trying to figure out where some elements will land.

Will WGRR skew younger? Is Movin 94.9 a younger Mojo? Does Supertalk have legs? How does Q102 respond? How about Mix 94.1? Does anyone dare go all Christmas with so much audience already being shuffled? When does MAX move its tower and will it become a player with an improved signal?

at 11/01/2006 2:46 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon 2:28, you should learn to read. I said conservative radio puppets were peddling White house policies, not creating it.

I just left an email with Julie Evans. Although I have no reason to expect a response, (formerly is keeping current as possible on this. I also told her what my thoughts were and Sirius just became a fantasic idea.

Robert --

at 11/01/2006 3:01 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

What kind of numbers did Rover pull at 97.3? He did make it more than twice as long here as he did in Chicago. Ditto for comparison with David Lee Roth.

at 11/01/2006 3:24 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon 2:28, you should learn to read. I said conservative radio puppets were peddling White house policies, not creating it.

I'm confused. So Bush has nothing to do with the White House policies that these "puppets" are peddling.

You are talking in circles but when they are all lies, where do you start to attempt to make sense.

at 11/01/2006 4:14 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon 3:24pm...learn to read bozo. You know damn well what I meant. Everyone else here seems to know how to stupid person.

at 11/01/2006 4:57 PM Anonymous Jeremy said...

This is terrible. 97.3 was about the best station left out there. I feel bad for the dj's and everyone else who lost their job.

I guess it's time to go to sattelite :(

at 11/01/2006 6:02 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon 3:24pm...learn to read bozo. You know damn well what I meant. Everyone else here seems to know how to stupid person.

I know what you meant, but I don't think you do. You made up a concocted lie to fit you political leaning. And then you personally attack someone calling them names.

Plays #1 & 2 in the liberal playbook. Lie and personally attack.

at 11/01/2006 6:08 PM Anonymous RejectingTerrRadioSince1/9/06 said...

I Reject Terresterial Radio Now Since I Have Had Sirius. I Don't Even Have The Antenna On My Car No More.

at 11/01/2006 6:52 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let's face it, though. Rover just wasn't the same after he lost Chicago. Howard Stern is a hack, and so is Mancow. XM is the best satellite radio for the money and the longevity of them still being in business for many years to come is much more likely. Their alternative stations, as well as all their various rock stations, are much more cutting edge and better.

BTW, Jimmy the weasel just served me my Fish & More out of the Long John Silver's window

at 11/01/2006 6:54 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Republican neocon babble babble bable. What a tool. Post a website to make yourself sound like an "expert." Nice touch.

These format changes have nothing to do with politics. Money, yes. But I forgot - there are no rich democrats. Right, Mr. Chesley?

I hope it shakes things up in this market. Radio has an opportunity to survive by being LOCAL. It's one of the few meida that can. i wish local TV would, too. There are hundreds of channels on TV and radio - if you're alocal station in either medium, why not go local? Wouldn't people want to see/hear that?

I loved the old radio rivalries of the 80s/90s... Of course, we'd need more diverse music than what's being pumped in our heads these days.

I think that the moves may in fact be targeting older demos - but think about it... Who has money? Products and services that sell to baby boomers (and those a little younger) are going to advertise where they'll get the most exposure to their target market.

I jsut think it's so stupid that something like a radio FORMAT CHANGE makes the idiots come out of the woodwork and spout off about their political views. It's the republicans'/democrats' fault that my favorite station is gone. Death to the man! Hahahaha... Hey, if nothing else, the clueless are always good for a laugh.

at 11/01/2006 9:52 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

It seems every time I find a station to tune into---'the format changes'......I keep putting off satelite radio but it is even more tempting now. We should not have to pay for radio

at 11/01/2006 9:52 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

The shakeup is making the people at clear channel nervous. VERY nervous.

at 11/01/2006 10:21 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon 6:02,

Look at the lineup on 96.5 Supertalk jackass! Mancow is a Fox news channel tool. And Bill O' Reilly, did you hear how he supports Hillary for '08...RIGHT?

I cannot believe making a FACTUAL statement in saying 96.5 is a CONSERVATIVE TALK RADIO STATION would be interpreted by this stupid jackass as a lie. God this guy is a stupid jackhead moron.

Just remember to do well in school kids, or you will end up in Iraq.

If you want to play games with me me at You know my name, tell me yours big balls. Step up if you have'em.

You piece of Republican Trash.

at 11/02/2006 12:44 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Quick question to Anon 6:52 - how much comparision have you done between XM and Sirius alt & rock stations?

Also have you read about all the inner turmoil with XM's board of directors? And the fact that their subscription rates are stalling out while Sirius subscriptions keep going up??

Also remember XM was the lower priced service when Sirius came on the scene - and XM RAISED its price to match Sirius. Wouldn't have been to their advantage to be the cheaper competitor? Seems to me Sirius has the advantage.

I've also heard XM runs commercials on some of its music channels. This may or may not be true -- you'll have to let me know the real story on that one. None of Sirius' music channels have commericials.

at 11/02/2006 5:46 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

11/01/2006 10:21 PM Anonymous said...

Anon 6:02,

Look at the lineup on 96.5 Supertalk jackass! Mancow is a Fox news channel tool. And Bill O' Reilly, did you hear how he supports Hillary for '08...RIGHT?

I cannot believe making a FACTUAL statement in saying 96.5 is a CONSERVATIVE TALK RADIO STATION would be interpreted by this stupid jackass as a lie. God this guy is a stupid jackhead moron.

Just remember to do well in school kids, or you will end up in Iraq.

If you want to play games with me me at You know my name, tell me yours big balls. Step up if you have'em.

You piece of Republican Trash

The truth must of hurt and you so elegantly proved my point. Lies and personal attacks once again.

It's not a game. And if you want to have a discussion on the issues, name calling won't buttress your argument. Why waste my time if it can't be done in a rational, respectable manor.

You lie, you were called on it. Go back to you "morningshow" site and let us normal people discuss TV and radio without the lies and name calling.

at 11/02/2006 6:04 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with anon 9:52. I don't think we have heard the end of all the changes, and I'm just waiting to hear what ClearChannel's role will be.

at 11/02/2006 8:27 AM Blogger TechKing said...

Are there any rumors of an alt rock format moving onto 94.9? I can't believe that the station execs would eliminate an entire genre and alienate a core group of listeners?

at 11/02/2006 9:19 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon 5:46,

You must be truly stupid. All you have said is I am lying and attacking you. Well you are definitely are stupid. No doubt about that.

What have I lied about?

FACT: Supertalk 96.5 is a conservative talk station.

FACT: conservative pundents like Limbaugh and others peddle white house policy.

I have these multiple facts and others of which you have totally ignored. Sounds like to me you are indeed a very stupid person. You need to learn and read the English language before we can continue to have a intelligent conversation, which it appears you are not capable of.

I do admit I get frustrated with people like you because you ignore reality and claim high moral ground when you are obviously in the wrong. Most artifical Christians who hang out at mega-churches do that. It makes feel better about themselves while they do not have to be educated about what is going on in the world.

For the rest of the thinking people, stay with We are still researching the format changes for the affect stations in Cincinnati and make updates as well get them.

at 11/02/2006 9:25 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon 5:46,

Now that I think about it, please state EXACTLY AND IN EXPLICT DETAIL ON THIS BLOG what I said that is a lie/am wrong about.

You have yet to do that.

You have accused me of being a liar.
I challenge you to prove me wrong ON ANYTHING I have said.

You have also accused me of being a liberal. How have you arrived at that conclusion? What makes you think I am a person who has a liberal mindset? Saying "republicans suck" and calling you a stupid person does not lead to that conclusion.

Do you even know what a liberal even is? I will give you a hint, it starts with a "S".

I challenge you to explain yourself if you intend to have any crediability. Stop claiming higher moral ground. You are just as human as I am.

at 11/02/2006 10:32 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Do you even know what a liberal even is?"


at 11/02/2006 10:32 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Opps.....meant to say hypocrit

at 11/02/2006 10:45 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I for one am done with this city. This is just another reason why the city of Cincinnati sucks! We can not even get an alternative radio station on here. Rover was horrible and Stern was Stern. Can we band together and go into business for ourselves and buy a station to turn it into alternative, 24/7?

Where can we write, protest, dispute to the powers that be that this is wrong and we will screw them any way we can? I hate Cincinnati and can not waiut to leave here!!!!!!!!!!!

at 11/02/2006 10:47 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with the last post. Why can Cincinnati not be with the times? Why do we have so many country stations? Oh, I know. It's because most of the people that live here are country loving, white trash, trailer park, NASCAR loving idiots!

We want alternative radio and we want it now!!!!!!!!!!!!

at 11/02/2006 10:52 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am sorry...a liberal is typically a socialist, we were looking for socialist. Thanks for playing.

Obviously, everyone here can see the kind of person I am interacting with.

On a side note...Big Balls has not given out his email address and name as I have. He (or she) has not emailed me either...and he likely will not. So this conversation is pretty much over since muy opponant is too stupid to argue properly.

I do agree with the Cincinnati sucks comments. It just seems no matter what, the city is making bad decisions as well as its businesses and media outlets. 97.3 was great as an alternative station. This is Ohio, not the state of Texas, not too many country fans here.

Check out for more updates as we get them.


at 11/02/2006 10:56 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

By the way, they are still picking up the pmain phone at 97.3. I wonder why? Maybe we can just botch to the secretary although that is not very fair to her. Keep the calls coming in!

at 11/02/2006 11:26 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I is a shame that there is not more variety in Cincy radio. Unfortunately, radio is a BUSINESS, first and foremost. It is about getting the highest listener ratings which translates into the highest advertising rates...which lines the pockets of these mega-media corporations. There are a lot of awesome niche formats that are not out there on "regular radio"---but are on Hi-Def radio....check that out sometime! The problem is with traditional radio, for example, with the "alternative" format, is that the demographic is very young 12-24, in theroy---not that there are not "older" listeners. many advertisers are there looking for that demo?? I mean, how many bars, beers and stereo shops are there? These formats don't bring in ratings, and consequently the big bucks like formats with more "mass appeal" do. It's the precious 25-54 demo (considered in the advertising world the "adults with buying power") that advertisers pay BIG BUCKS to reach. It is all a business...good, bad or ugly. There are some markets where alternative does really well due to the larger concentration of 18-24, and "hipper" 25+ (see: San Francisco, Chicago, Seattle). Big shock, that Cincinnati has been, and always will be horribly conservative, as a general rule.

at 11/02/2006 12:19 PM Blogger Aaron said...

I liked the direction 97.3 went after Howard left. Instead of the same old Disturbed and Korn crap, I got to hear OK Go and Death Cab For Cutie and cool stuff like that. Word on is that 94.9 will go more hard modern rock to compete with WEBN. That sucks. Lucky I've got Sirius so I got Alt Nation and Left of Center so I can hear some real music. What will become of Rover?

And I listened to 96.5 this morning. Mancow sucks. Howard rules.

at 11/02/2006 12:23 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Robert- aka spammer:

You can call me Steve...

You want to us to disapprove your White House-conservative radio link... I think actually it is your place to prove your unsubstantiated claim that the White House programs conservative talk. You made it up. It's your conspiracy theory.

Second... business is business. If conservative radio talk sells, it's the customer buying. Why are the all the top talk radio shows conservative and Air America going bankrupt? I believe a socialist would restrict the marketplace and regulate conservative radio. Isn't that what you are proposing?

And still why all the name calling? You want to promote dialog but can't have mutual respect to talk in a civilized manor. That's not taking a "moral highground", that common human interaction. I'm human and treat others as humans also.

You want my email for what? Personally attack me for disagreeing with you in private? Or post it on some blog so people can harass me with more of the hate-filled rhetoric you are promoting? No thanks... I'm not stupid.

at 11/02/2006 1:33 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon 12:23,

Do you acutally listen to conservative talk radio? Read their publications? They repeat Bush in lock step and treat Bush with the same reverance as Jesus Christ. Some think HE IS Jesus Christ. Except for Bill O'Reilly. He climbs into both sides, but he still is pro-conservative. I doubt I could disprove the White House/talk radio link if I millions of dollars and resources to conduct a full investigation. It is far easier to prove it exists just by the virtue of what topics are broadcast everyday by these right-winged idiots.

Republicans are definitely a Kool-Aid drinking bunch and the ball is back in your court on that one buddy.

I do agree that conservative talk radio shows make money. Air America is losing its ass and will likely crash (Al Franken is even suing in Bankruptcy court!!!). But giving the state of the radio station operators like Clear Channel and Cumulus, of which both's owners' are know supporters of the RNC and its candidates, it would be hard to disprove the those mega-corporations killed Air America. Air America needed those companies for distribution. Independant stations are almost a thing of the past.

Although I am making an assumption on that one, business in America is a dirty, filthy game and he who has the gold makes the rules. I find it amazing how alledged good Christian people turn the blackest shade of evil when money is involved.

As for calling you names, I ain't apologizing, but I am glad you finally stepped up and came to the table. I guess you do have some balls Steve, even though I disagree with you.

The reality is Republicans are running this country right into the ground and unless we can prove they are controlling the vote by controlling the voting machines (i.e. rigging elections) and getting them out of office, they are going to get this nation blown off the face of the Earth. I do not believe congress will change to Dem control, quite the opposite and we are in for some real trouble in the near future.

And by the way, I am not a spammer. I invited you to email me at my LEGIT email address. I have a "career" (if you can call it that) and a side business I am trying to run and I do not have the time to play script kiddie spammer games.

at 11/02/2006 1:57 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

"it would be hard to disprove the those mega-corporations killed Air America."
Sorry that's not the way the (real)world works. You're the one making the accusation. It's up to you to prove it and the ball is back in your court on that one buddy.

Actually Clear Channel carries Air America in Cincinnati but that fact must of slipped by you. I think they were the 17th rated station here. I know you're probably going to call me a name & blame George Bush for the poor, nearly unlistenable shows that made up Air America but hey you have a website so you have to be smarter than most of us.

at 11/02/2006 3:16 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

"This is Ohio, not the state of Texas, not too many country fans here."
Just a quick note to the webmaster Robert who posted this thought. Here's a little information.
1. WUBE is the #1 music station in the Cincinnati Market in the Fall Book. (when it's not #1 it's usually 2nd) Do you think that might be an indication that there are some country music fans here?
2. The Cincinnati market is consistently in the Top 5 for the sales of Country Music product in the USA. Bet you didn't know that!
Just letting you know.

at 11/02/2006 3:42 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who's Randy Michaels?

at 11/02/2006 3:43 PM Blogger TechKing said...

Bet you didn't know that about 500 males and 500 females volunteered to be part of a listener repsonse to 97.3 and were told that the ones in charge would do everything they could to keep us (the listeners) happy. Bet Entercom didn't think that there are people like mysel who like country AND rock and didn't need a station to replace one with the other. I don't care who they thinking about pleasing, the truth is most people in Cincinnati WILL BE UNAFFECTED by this change, as they already listen to WUBE or Q102 or KISS or WEBN. How about something for the rest of us...are we really that unimportant?

at 11/02/2006 4:49 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon 1:57 (Steve)

I happen to have a real good idea on how the real world works, buddy.

I do know that Clear Channel carries Air America in the Cincy area as well as other major areas (it happens to be my job to know). As well as Cumulus. I also know I have read (go find them on Google) numerous articles on how Air America has been hit with higher advertising rates by Clear Channel as well as being put on "weaker" stations. Most recently, the Air America station in Cincy was moved to a weaker signal so a sports station could get its stronger signal.

Ed Schultz and Randi Rhodes even ripped on Clear Channel for the Cincy station move on their shows.

Now this could be all a result of economics, but it looks damn suspicious to me, non-neocon thinkers, Dems, and everyone else who has no representation in the government.

I do not consider myself a member of either party, therefore, I am disenfranchised from the political system and I have no one who speaks for me in government. You'll likely find people like me are in the majority. If you disagree with that (and of course being what you are, you will) check out the percentage of voters who voted in the last 10 elections. Each one is lower than the last (with the 2004 exception).

As for your final "me being smarter remark". I have wasted my billable time screwing around with you, first trying to get you to grow a sack and then have a meaningful debate.

I am really sick of high and mightly Republicans constantly pulling out the "insult and victim" card when they get hit with facts. Republicans like yourself need to grow a spine and take punches like a man.

I am now finished with you. Talk smack all you want about me if you like. I have wasted too much time with you as it is.

at 11/02/2006 4:53 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon 3:16 PM,

I was acutally joking on the country remark.

However, I did not know about the ratings for country in Ohio since we do not focus on music ratings (any genre), just the morning talk shows and other talk shows.

I just do not like country.

However, I now believe there is a Bush white house conspiracy to end all rock music and replace all music stations in America with country music only created by poor persons in West Virginia. It has to do with Steve, rigged voting machines, and the Aliens from the B12354 Galaxy.


at 11/02/2006 5:35 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

"non-neocon thinkers" Thats a good one. "I also know I have read (go find them on Google) numerous articles on how Air America has been hit with higher advertising rates by Clear Channel" So what? Are high advertising rates the reason they were consistently at bottom of the ratings, period after period? The bottom line is that no one listens to Air America. High advertising rates has nothing to with it. The public doesn't know or care what a 30 second ad costs.

at 11/02/2006 7:59 PM Blogger skippercollector said...

I want to thank the people who broke up the list of radio stations by corporations. I took your information and cross-referenced it with the list of stations in the back of the Sunday TV schedule.
Could you help me update this list by corporation, call letters and type of music?
I REALIZE THIS LIST CHANGES DAY BY DAY. But it will help me understand when John writes about the changes in Cincinnati area radio.
On some related notes:
There were quite a few stations, both AM and FM, that were on the TV guide listings that were not mentioned by the other bloggers. I am not familiar with many of them and I may not even be able to pick them up on the radio if they've got a weak signal.
To John or your co-workers at the Enquirer. Will you be updating the TV guide radio listings soon? One station that I noticed isn't listed is the new station in Miamitown, WMWX.
A note of warning! I will be asking similar questions in the future!

at 11/02/2006 8:02 PM Blogger skippercollector said...

This is the list I came up with:

WNLT/104.3, contemporary Christian
WMOH/1450, sports
WCNW/1560, Christian

Elliot Block:
WOTH/Channel 25
WBQC/Channel 38

WPFB/105.9, country
WPFB/910, talk

Clear Channel:
WOFX/92.5, classic rock
WVMX/94.1, adult contemporary
WEBN/102.7, rock
WKFS/107.1, top 40
WKRC/550, talk
WLW/700, news, talk
WSAI/1360, talk
WCKY/1530, sports
WKRC/Channel 12

WYGY/94.9, country
WYGY/96.5, country
WRRM/98.5, adult contemporary
WGRR/103.5, oldies

WYGY/94.9, country
WAQZ/97.3, alternative
WKRQ/101.9, top 40
WGRR/103.5, oldies
WUBE/105.1, country

WOXY/97.7, alternative

WLWT/Channel 5

Radio One:
WMOJ/100.3, R&B
WIZF/101.1, hip hop
WDBZ/1230, talk

WXIX/Channel 19

Scripps Howard:
WCPO/Channel 9

WSTR/Channel 64

at 11/02/2006 9:17 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Dems" have "no representation?" Dude, you really need to shut up. All you're doing is making yourself look even more and more foolish with every post.

If your "job" deals with radio, then deal with radio. Not politics. Because you're clueless. I'm an independent myself, who leans right on some issues, and left on others. And your blatent ignorant name-calling and blanket statements about rebpulicans is the sort of angry rhetorical bullcrap that is NOT helping the democratic party. So get a grip, radio boy.

Talk about radio. Hopefully you know more about THAT than politics. Whine, bitch, moan = no social change. Play the game. Take a number. Get in line. And stop the name calling and infantile, uneducated approach.... Treat people the way you say YOU want to be treated. Act like an ass, you'll be viewed as an ass.

Not all republicans are bible-thumping right-wing fascists. And not all democrats are leftist commie pinkos. Want to know why things don't get done in our fair city? Because of people like you who are unwilling to bend at all - and attack the actual "problems" instead of the "people" with opposing viewpoints. Make sense?

SO - some friendly advice - chill, dude. You'll get a lot more accomplished that way. And gain a lot more respect. It's a very, very simple philosophy: you want change? Earn the respect of those whose thoughts you wish to change. And to quote the Godfather, "keep your friends close, and your enemies closer."

Now then... If you know so much about radio, please - enlighten us. Because yes, I agree - Cincinnati could definitely use a nice helping of alt rock. First 97X. Now 97.3. What's next? Peace.

at 11/03/2006 8:39 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

9:17 PM Anon (Steve),

Dude, I can only give you two piece of advice.

1) Learn to read and understand the English language.

2) Pull your head out of your ass.

Based on your latest rant, you ONCE AGAIN, did not read what I said. Go back REREAD it. I said I have no representation and once again, you called me a democrat.


Learn to read, you might go further in life. I am tired of your ass. Just shut your hole and go away.

at 11/03/2006 10:25 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

First off, you pompus ass, this is NOT Steve. He did NOT make that last post. *I* did.

You're the one calling people"jackass" and the like. I have a damn good grasp of the English language, actually, MY job depends on that. Forgive me for not caring to spell-check my blog entries. Just typing as fast as I can, not bothering to check things out.

You have obviously been affected personally by the changes in local radio - but you're going about things all wrong, dude. I merely stated that you might want to change your approach - you kill more flies with honey than with vinegar... And judging by the tone of your last post, it was a point that you obviously, totally missed.

"Shut your hole and go away." I see - so if someone disagrees with your righteous ass, they're WRONG? Wow, you're clueless. Totally and completely clueless. And ignorant. Talk about the English language - check out the meaning of THAT word. Not a rip, not a slam, just saying that you're kind of out of touch here.

People need to learn to "take the punches," eh, smartypants? And who appointed YOU to deliver them? You never NEEDED to come out and say you're a liberal. Read your previous posts. They speak volumes about your political views, your intelligence, and your demeanor.

I at no time demeaned you or insulted you in any way. You interpret ANYONE who disagrees with you as being WRONG and INSULTING. If nothing else, it's just a sign of immaturity.

In nearly EVERY DAMN POST you've made, you insult people. You call people names. And yet you want respect for your opinions, simply because you scream out at anyone who disagrees with you. Again - get a CLUE, pal.

You had NO CLUE who wrote the last blog entry, but in your close-mindedness, you started firing off at the first person you could think of. Grow up, kiddo.

And again - as far as the FORMAT CHANGES go (which somehow turned into a soapbox for Captain Knows-It-All), I also wish there was an alternative station here in town. It'd be interesting to see if a group COULD be put together to bring it back...

Back to Mr. "I hate everyone who disagrees with me - and you're all jackasses," dude, again - chill out. Although I have to admit, your posts certainly are amusing. Geesh, what a politically-charged whirlwind we all live in. Ever think that, if maybe we all listened to each other, we might be able to move things in a direction we can ALL agree on?

at 11/03/2006 10:35 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Ever think that, if maybe we all listened to each other, we might be able to move things in a direction we can ALL agree on?"

Like changing this country? Ever think that's why the neo-cons and the neo-libs are so hell bent on using the media to keep up divided?

at 11/03/2006 10:40 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ugh. No doubt... Isn't it scary that most of the people who will be voting next week based their opinions on the crappy attack ads both sides have been using lately? And this is just in OUR neck of the woods.


What can I say - call me an idealist :-)
(which surprises even ME - always thought I was a professional cynic)

at 11/03/2006 10:49 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon 10:25,

First off, you should have ID'ed yourself as not Steve, but like so many others who play the anonymous hit and run attacks, I can see why you did not. Good job getting him blamed.

I have not been affected personally due to the format change. I simply have been trying to play the role of journalist and gather info. Rover mentioned this morning on RMG about the country station change in Cincy. We know for sure he read plus he has his sources as well. I fortunately have been able to speak with people involved in the station swap.

What started this was that jackass (Steve I think) who got some idea I was a liberal. I am not. I made a simple comment that Supertalk 96.5 was a conservative talk station and he went off on me. As everyone saw, he went downhill quick.

On a side note, I have noticed that Republicans do tend to go off on people who disagree with their positions. Most republicans are telling their people, as well talk show pundints are telling people "vote democrat and you have no values or morals". How can people acutally tell people that and go to church on sunday is amazing. But is a discussion for another forum.

As for the rest of your comments, I will tell you what I told "Steve". I do not have the time to deal with people who cannot read and understand the English language. We have no base to have a rational discussion. If you want to know why, scroll up and read what I told Steve.

I cannot believe the hell I have got from making a simple FACTUAL statement and I apologize to the owner of this blog for wasting his bandwidth. I should have just ignored these low-foreheads from the beginning like some people who emailed me suggested.

For everyone else, stay with for more updates on the 97.3 WAQZ format change.


at 11/03/2006 2:54 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Robert -- you keep saying you have no time to deal with all the clueless people who disagree with you, and yet you keep responding.

at 11/03/2006 3:06 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dang! Almost civlized this time! Although I still don't get the "understand the English language" comment. I think I'm missing something here.. Again, I think I have a pretty damn good grasp of it. Interpersonal communication, however, is something you might want to look into yourself.

You're actually starting to make more sense here. But I gotta tell ya, tough stuff - I don't need to ID myself. I've worked in radio, too. Off and on for a looong time. Among other media. (and not just behind he scenes - starting to make sense to you now?) And just so you know, I wasn't "attacking you." I thought I pointed that out numerous times. My, we're sensitive.

Good luck to you, dude. And your site, which you've advertised numerous times here. And remember, it's the weekend, honeybuns. Take that chip off your shoulder. Relax. I wasn't "attacking" you like you thought your friend "Steve-a-rino" was. I got nothin but love for you, baby. Just stop being such a dang grouchy buttmunch.

at 11/03/2006 3:36 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

3:06 PM Anon

Worked in radio or other media for a long time? Yeah sure...I am confident we all can believe that.

Honeybuns? Buttmunch? A chip on my shoulder? Tell me your name and where you live and I'll put my foot up your coward ass.

Go F-yourself bitch.

at 11/03/2006 4:48 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Robert, you're delusional. Better see about the doctor increasing your meds......

at 11/03/2006 5:06 PM Blogger BMurdock said...


Looks like it might be time to do what Marc did on his Reds board and lock out the anonymous posters.

As the old saying goes it takes one bad apple to spoil the whole bunch...

at 11/03/2006 9:15 PM Blogger Rick said...

Hey, I like NASCAR... Why do we always get dumped on?! LOL....

at 11/03/2006 9:35 PM Anonymous greenleeD said...

Looking for modern rock?

Independent and truly alternative.

at 11/04/2006 12:04 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

The "Scare on the Air" airs at 3 in the afternoon? Halloween music in broad daylight? Oh, that's right, no one can hear WDJO north of the river at night.
Talk about scary, have you seen Oldies 1160's ratings lately?

at 11/04/2006 3:24 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Honeybuns? Buttmunch? A chip on my shoulder? Tell me your name and where you live and I'll put my foot up your coward ass.

Go F-yourself bitch."

Nice. Try to help someone out, and this is what you get.

You go ahead and do that, you infantile moron.

Back to radio... Any word if someone has a *new* alt station in the works? I agree with an earlier post that said it'd be cool to keep things LOCAL around here. Aren't there just too many syndicated shows any more?

at 11/04/2006 8:11 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

at 11/05/2006 12:05 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...


On Monday you need to give us a recap of all the radio changes starting with Radio One moving 100.9 to 101.1. I think I have most of it, but not sure.

1) Radio One moved 100.9 to 101.1
2) Radio One bought and then moved 100.3 to Cincinnati from Richmond In.
3) Cumulus sold the Mojo name to Radio One and they put it on 100.3
4) Cumulus started broadcasting STAR on both 94.9 and 96.5
5) Cumulus changes 96.5 to talk.
6) Staff at 97.3 is fired.
6) CBS sells Q102,B105,WGRR,and 97.3 to Entercom
7) Entercom swaps WGRR to Cumulus for STAR.
8) Entercom kills the star
9) Entercom changes 97.3 to Wolf Country with the old Star staff??

Whew.... I know I must have missed something!!!

at 11/05/2006 2:45 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

why?!? i finally, after 8 years of living in this area found a station i liked when 97.3 went to the "shuffle" format of alternative. i even liked the djs. i liked everything about them... well, except for rover's morning glory and love line. why did they do this to me? i guess i'm back to listening to cds in the car. this sucks.

at 11/05/2006 12:32 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon 2:45 - do yourself a favor. Don't look for consistent radio in Cincinnati. Get a satellite radio, and you'll have CONSISTENT radio - not to mention a lot more choice than the crap the FCC allows to pass for radio in Cincinnati.

I have Sirius and love it. You'll get Howard Stern back if you liked him on 97.3. Others say XM is good, but I've never heard it. Also sounds like XM has a lot of internal issues with board members resigning, NASDAQ non-compliance, and the inability to turn a profit.

Regardless, you'll find what you want on satellite - commercial free. It's only $13 - and if you don't think it's worth it - look at how many people buy cable for their TV so they have better signals & more choice in programming. It's the same thing for radio.

If you're thinking - I'm not in my car all that much - Sirius allows you to listen online at no additional charge.

at 11/05/2006 12:49 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can you be Sirius???

at 11/06/2006 12:14 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Follow this link onto an interesting story about Air America. Yes it is a commentary, but it does hold some very interesting facts.

Should help those who drink the Red State Kool-Aid.

at 11/06/2006 2:01 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

1360 should go Spanish & truly start serving the community.

at 11/06/2006 8:38 AM Blogger BMurdock said...

Thought I'd checkout 94.9 at work this morning. Sounds like Ken and Kitty are getting some time off cause I haven't heard any morning show stuff just music. They have been running spots directing folks to B105 for more family friendly country and plugging the incoming Wolf 97.3 for something a little more rowdy.

No real mention of what is to come on 94.9 just that "this star is fading" and "this place won't be here much longer." Guess they figure country fans have tunnel vision and don't care about rock music.

at 11/06/2006 10:08 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

"97.3 relaunched as the wolf with old STAR staff" is not exactly correct. Only 2 dayparts get to relaunch with the wolf, Ken & Kitty mornings & Jesse Tack will be on in the afternoon. All other dj's for the STAR...GONE. Just thought I'd clarify that.

at 11/06/2006 1:54 PM Blogger BMurdock said...

Now they've gone to interuppting the end of the songs with reminder announcements of the pending change. According to the announcements they're "pulling the plug" tomorrow.

at 11/06/2006 6:44 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...


I take a few days to get some work done and be with the family and you ratchet up the rhetoric even more.

Sorry, bud, but calling people male organs does not make your point more valid. Lets be a man and discuss the topic at face value without all the eighth grade locker room babble.


at 11/06/2006 8:53 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I started reading all the posts at the top and eventually got sick of the arguing... but here is my two cents anyway..

I loved 96.5 country... I even followed them to 94.9

I thought this was the new home. Now I'm saddened to hear that I will have to switch again. Not that it is that much of a hassle to change the preset button on my radio. But it just seems ridiculous. I'm 23 years old and I live in Dayton. Dayton has no good country stations so I love it that I could continue to listen to my fav station up here... now it moving to a not so good station.. what if i can't get it.

I love Ken and Kitty in the morning. Its sooo much better than B105. I don't get why they keep playing these commercials on 94.9 about soon we'll have a choice... The number 1 station B105.. or this little podunk station 97.3 Its like they want 97.3 to fail.

What is going to happen to Ken and Kitty?

I don't like B105... thats why I listen to the star...

Its always been 1 on my preset... followed by 99.1, 105.9.. then B105.. as my last option.


at 11/06/2006 9:12 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

how can you only have one rock station in a city?!

at 11/06/2006 9:46 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I cannot get 97.3 out in Hillsboro unless they increas their power...I hope Ken and Kitty remain, because B105 is awful.

at 11/06/2006 10:29 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

They will never increase their power. They are too close to 97.7 in Oxford Ohio

at 11/07/2006 12:02 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Guess I just don't understand media companies. Cincinnati has always been a city slow to change and rewards consistency. Why Entercom would insult the loyal Star listeners by telling us we shouldn't have continued to listen baffles me. We aren't listening to B-105 for a reason. I hope no one is paying for the spots they are running on 94.9 and the promos remind me of the bad negative political ads we've endured this election year. And, yes that was the favorite part of my song! Don't they want us to move again to listen to their product? Stop listening to advice from high priced out of town consultants. Entercom has gone to the dogs, I won't be insulted again. Gotta go burn more cd's for tomorrows commute.

at 11/07/2006 2:01 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

at 11/07/2006 8:53 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now that was real mature...

at 11/07/2006 10:07 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

T-minus running on 94.9

at 11/07/2006 10:10 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can't remember where I heard it - but weren't there unsubstantiated rumblings of a rock station on 94.9 again...? That'd be pretty cool. Anyone else hear anything?

at 11/07/2006 10:21 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Listen to the blurbs between the coundown. They refer to WEBN

at 11/07/2006 1:12 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'll miss the shuffle and Rover on 97.3 What a shame

at 11/07/2006 2:55 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

As of 2:40 PM 11/7/06, there is still a T-Minus computer voice on 94.9 FM. No more country music there. 97.3 is still playing alternative rock and occasionally telling listeners to switch to 94.9 FM and that the station would be cool. So, I'm assuming 94.9 will be an alternative rock station starting Thursday? If anybody knows for sure, let us know. Cincinnati definitely needs an alternative rock station. I hope they decide to make 94.9 an alternative station. The signal is stronger. This reminds of the time when Clear Channel came in and ruined Channel Z when it was at 107.1 FM back in the 90's. It's ridiculous that the jocks at 97.3 were all fired. I hope they come to 94.9 FM. Oh, and thanks to the Entercom Execs who came in, and are ruining our Cincinnati radio stations. I hope you fail miserably.

at 11/07/2006 6:38 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great! Cincinnati AGAIN loses an alternative rock station. Why is it that this city cannot keep a station that plays more than 10-different songs within a days time and isn't pop rock or oldies? I often enjoy traveling to other major cities (if nothing else) to hear radio stations with tasteful formats. I guess I will have to invest in SIRIUS satellite radio or XM satellite radio.

at 11/08/2006 6:07 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know I'll be really freaking angry if there insn't going to be alt rock on 94.9. WTF people,97.3 was the only station that played good music that I could actually enjoy listening to without hearing one of those over-played songs that make me want to stab myself every time I here it because its been played too many times too often. You know what I mean? Yeah, of course you do.I'm so sad, you are loved and missed 97.3 WAQZ staff:(

Why do all good things always have to end? I just want to listen to good music, is that too much to ask for? I just want my alt! :(

at 11/09/2006 12:33 PM Anonymous Jeremy said...

94.9 is now the SOUND.

Started at noon today. So far I've heard Sublime, Blink 182, Green Day, Gin Blossems, Bush and Nickelcrap.

Sounds good so far, with the exception of Nickelback. I hope the DJs from 97.3 come over to this station.

THANK GOD this is a somewhat alternative station.I would not have been able to listen to WEBN everyday.

at 11/10/2006 8:53 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

at 11/10/2006 10:32 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...


at 11/10/2006 8:52 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I propose a boycott on all the entercom stations. The fact that they fired almost everyone on 97.3 was slimy, especially considering they are good DJs. Not to mention the name, "The Sound," you don't get any more cheesy than that! I want the Weasle back!

at 11/10/2006 8:53 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I propose a boycott on all the entercom stations. The fact that they fired almost everyone on 97.3 was slimy, especially considering they are good DJs. Not to mention the name, "The Sound," you don't get any more cheesy than that! I want the Weasle back!

at 11/10/2006 8:53 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I propose a boycott on all the entercom stations. The fact that they fired almost everyone on 97.3 was slimy, especially considering they are good DJs. Not to mention the name, "The Sound," you don't get any more cheesy than that! I want the Weasle back!

at 11/11/2006 7:08 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

to the person who posted the last post 3 times that was uncalled for if you want to boycott entercom good luck its all a matter of big money that cincinnati cant handle good luck you will need it

at 11/13/2006 9:57 AM Blogger aworkman said...

WOAH how many country stations do we need? and WEBN?! SAME music every day! I had it on at the same time every day and heard the same song at the same place in the road I sit every day on my route I could have screamed but when I flipped to 97.3 and heard country I could have purged right there. Not that I hate country but who wants to be depressed every day? I love 97.3 what it used to be, but more so 107.1 Z before it turned poppy crap.

at 11/14/2006 1:13 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK 94.9 the sound is sounding to much like (101.9 Q102) not good and i'm upset to see rovers morning glory leave the cincinnati area. I was a 97.3 listener and so far 94.9 the sound is not my radio station of choice my new radio station of choice is ran by high school kids and that station is WHSS FM 89.5 which they play a mix of every thing from rock to modern and alternative 80s 90s and current.

at 11/14/2006 1:14 AM Blogger biggtigg said...

OK 94.9 the sound is sounding to much like (101.9 Q102) not good and i'm upset to see rovers morning glory leave the cincinnati area. I was a 97.3 listener and so far 94.9 the sound is not my radio station of choice my new radio station of choice is ran by high school kids and that station is WHSS FM 89.5 which they play a mix of every thing from rock to modern and alternative 80s 90s and current.

at 11/15/2006 9:02 PM Blogger Amy said...

Its not that we need multiple country stations we really just need 1 good one. And I can't stand B105.

I have tried listening to this 97.3 but i can't really pick it up in dayton.

I've resorted to just listening to my ipod every day in the car. The heck with these radio stations, its ridiculous.

I used to flip through my stations and not find anything good except on 96.5... now gone. I love Ken and Kitty in the morning but.. can't listen to them any more..
This is ridiculous.
Shouldn't "fix" something that isn't broken. I liked the way it was.

at 11/25/2006 1:08 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...


at 11/29/2006 3:05 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...
If you're upset, sign the petition below

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