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John Kiesewetter on the world of local and national TV

Senior Entertainment Reporter John Kiesewetter has been covering TV and media issues for 20 years. After joining the Cincinnati Enquirer in 1975 as a summer intern, he worked as a county government and suburban reporter; assistant city editor and suburban editor; and features editor supervising the Life section. He has a B.S. in journalism from Ohio University.

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Friday, August 24, 2007

Anchorwoman Fired

Did you see Fox's "Anchorwoman" reality show Wednesday? Then you were one of the few to see the first and only episode about model and WWE diva Lauren Jones as a news anchor in Tyler, Texas. Fox canceled the reality show after one low-rated telecast.

Only 2.7 million viewers saw the show nationally, about one-third of the audience for "So You Think You Can Dance?" the previous Wednesday, says Nielsen Media Research. It drew a 2.3 rating (or 20,400 viewers) and a 4% share of the audience on Channel 19 here.

The remaining episodes will be posted on the Fox Broadcastcasting website.,

No great loss, eh?


at 8/24/2007 12:51 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

The fact that Fox even gave this project the green light gives me chills.

I guess this is how they fill positions at the Faux Noise Channel, so they really didn't see a problem with the premise.

at 8/24/2007 12:54 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I saw it and didn't think it was that bad. It gave a real look at the workings of a small-city television news department and showed how some people can be petty and others helpful. The fellow anchorwoman did not come across very well at all, while the cameraman who looked like he would be the toughest to work with turned out to be helpful and complimentary to the new anchorwoman. I was looking forward to seeing future episodes.

at 8/24/2007 1:21 PM Blogger Joshua said...

I guess I'm one of the few folks who was looking forward to this and actually found it a bit amusing.

I'm glad that at least they'll be putting it on (if that's true; this is the first place I've heard that they were doing that.)

Fox loves cancelling series without giving them a chance or without giving them time to acquire an audience. Some examples.... Wonderfalls, Firefly, The Loop, Stacked, Reunion.

Remember the intro to Family Guy when it returned to broadcast for season 4 and he listed off ALL the shows that would have to be cancelled before Family Guy would return? That right there shows Fox programming honchos don't care about giving shows a chance.

at 8/24/2007 2:43 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I found it somewhat funny. Perhaps it hit too close to home for some small TV stations. I see it all the time with pretty faces reading copy that they don't understand. One of our locals recently pronounced NASA as Nassau.

at 8/24/2007 2:51 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have to agree with the othe posters - I watched it - laughed and looked forward to more. It was as entertaining as anything else on tv this summer. What is really amusing is that this sort of thing has been going on in tv news for years. Why were critics so shocked? Remember that actress from NYPD Blue who went on to anchor at CNN?

at 8/24/2007 2:56 PM Anonymous FoodieToo said...

It was awful. Just plain awful. I switched channels after about 5 minutes.

at 8/24/2007 3:03 PM Blogger Kevin LeMaster said...

This is what I hate about network TV. They are too quick to give new shows the axe. Why bother investing yourself in a new show when it has a 50/50 shot of being canceled?

I didn't want to watch this particular show, but I understand viewers' frustration.

at 8/24/2007 3:25 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Outperformed the national numbers, huh?

19 viewers must have gotten her confused with Macke, and thought it was an early edition of the 10 o'clock.

at 8/24/2007 6:49 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Was this show local about Candice Hunter on TV-5?

at 8/25/2007 12:52 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I guess I don't understand networks sometime...they paid for a show (I read that it was fully shot already).....they aired the didn't take off so than they canceled it. What are they going to fill with? Why not give it to "my network tv" or something that needs programming!

at 8/25/2007 9:53 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

So tell me, which station, anywhere, that doesn't have at least one Fox's "Anchorwoman" on staff? If not one, many times more. Let count the 'stars'.

at 8/25/2007 11:22 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

off topic

Cyndee O'Quinn in High Definition this morning on 9........WOW
There's something to talk about in HD!!!!

at 8/25/2007 3:48 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

y couldn't 9 have HD when paula faris was a sports anchor.

at 8/26/2007 5:45 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with anomymous 8/25/07 9:53am. You guys would be suprised to know that there is at least one of those at every station who did not get experience elsewhere before being on the air. The people doing all the work to make them look good are the mostly the stations photographers as well as the technical crew. They should be the ones getting the talents pay. It looks like some have already been named. Anyone else have others to add to the list in this market?

at 8/26/2007 6:11 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is Steve Norris an example of this?

at 8/27/2007 11:02 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Channel 5's Target 5 and Special Projects Producer's contract was not renewed. She is headed to the #2 market of Los Angeles. Who will write stories for "Anchorwoman" Sandra Ali now?

at 8/28/2007 6:09 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

The network needs to put Ohio News Network hottie Denise Alex on the show to boost ratings. The Cincy gal has got it going on!

at 8/28/2007 10:49 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's not like "Anchorwoman" Sandra Ali has done anything hard hitting with Target 5 in her short tneure here. I thought she was supposed to be a hard hitting, diligent news reporter when they brought her here. The only Target 5 story I remember was about an Apple I-Pod. Hardly news worthy.

at 8/28/2007 12:33 PM Blogger Kevin LeMaster said...

^ Continuing your thought...why did 5 replace Michelle Hopkins' "Taking Action" segments with "5 Things Every Woman Needs to Know?" I liked "Taking Action". At least sometimes they accomplished something meaningful like cleaning up overgrown properties.

at 8/28/2007 5:02 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

yes michelle hopkins is underused, but you have to look at the key demos that 5 is after. 5 is leading in women 25-54 and men 18-34. Any idea why just two names sandra and sheree.

at 8/28/2007 5:04 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

When sandra first came to this city she did report on a growing number of problems like bath toys becoming infested with bacteria.
Folks, Dave Wagner is the reporter that has won an emmy every year. Reporting stories is something Dave loves to do While Sandra would rather just anchor.

at 8/28/2007 9:00 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, on that "5 Things Every Woman Needs to Know" segment - I love how the Girls Getaway feature included such revolutionary ideas as an outing to a cooking class, a karaoke night and salsa dancing.


I'd never thought of that before.

What's next? How to groom before a date? What best coordinates with the Little Black Dress? How to dress like a Stepford Wife?


at 8/31/2007 7:56 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Speaking of Paula Faris... I was in Chicago a couple weeks ago and saw her on WMAQ. She is pregnant now, but still looks as good as ever!! She does such a great job, I miss seeing her here. :-(

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