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John Kiesewetter on the world of local and national TV

Senior Entertainment Reporter John Kiesewetter has been covering TV and media issues for 20 years. After joining the Cincinnati Enquirer in 1975 as a summer intern, he worked as a county government and suburban reporter; assistant city editor and suburban editor; and features editor supervising the Life section. He has a B.S. in journalism from Ohio University.

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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Terry Daniels, Lisa Cornwell Make Channel 9 News

This much we know: Lisa Cornwell no longer is a weekend sports anchor, and former Ch. 5 weekend anchor Terry Daniels isn't the permanent replacement for David Rose as the "Good Morning Tristate" co-anchor.

This is what we don't know: We don't know what Cornwell will be doing at Ch. 9. She told viewers Sunday night that she was leaving sports to join the "morning team." But Bill Fee, Ch. 9 vice president and general manger, remains very secretive about her new role. (It apparently won't be as "Good Morning Tristate" co-anchor.)

"Lisa is working on a special project. Newsrooms are evolving. I can’t say what she’s doing. She’s not leaving the station,” Fee says. Her new position will be announced later this week, he says. Doing something for the website, maybe?

Former Ch. 5 weekend anchor Daniels, who left for Toledo in 2002 after nine years, co-anchored with Kathrine Nero today. He'll be around "for about a month," until a permanent replacement for Rose arrives. (Rose's contract was not renewed in March.) Daniels left Toledo's WTOL-TV a year ago.

Ch. 9 also continues to look for a 5:30 p.m. news co-anchor, Rose's other job. That job should be filled by the end of the month too, Fee says.


at 9/04/2007 11:16 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought Terry did a very good job this morning. Why not keep him on? It is also great that they are keeeping Lisa, she also does a good job. Now as for Jennel Walton, she should keep to reporting, she seems very fake as an anchor.

at 9/05/2007 9:29 AM Blogger bmurdock said...

What is it with female sports anchor/reporters in this town? If memory serves me correct didn't Cammy Dierking start in sports then move to mornings? Same for Katherine Nero…. Paula Farris was good but she didn't stick around long. Maybe she saw the writing on the newsroom wall?

Does out city's viewers just not take to female sports reporters or is it a management thing? How long before Tara Pachmayer. over on Ch12 gets a new assignment?

at 9/05/2007 9:46 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah terry daniels has been on yesterday and today and been doing a great job. They should give him a shot.
5 would make a great move if they brought back terry daniels

at 9/05/2007 10:25 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know with Kathrine it was her decision to move to the morning. She got it over some of the other "news" anchors at the station too.

Lots of sports people make that move - Brad Johansen - and remember Andy Treinnen from Fox?

at 9/05/2007 10:39 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is taking so long to fill David's shoes? he was funny and all, but comeon.

at 9/05/2007 10:57 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is the point of bringing someone in for just a month? It would have made more sense to keep Brian Patrick on in his temporary role. A lot of temps does not bode well. Hasn't worked for channel 5.

at 9/05/2007 11:28 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Could the fireworks have been any more dissapointing?
Where were all the techs that have always put on an amazing show?

at 9/05/2007 12:41 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why is it taking so long to replace David Rose? 9 is probably looking for someone who can pee holy water.

at 9/05/2007 1:53 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

And the fireworks broadcast is relevant here because...?

at 9/05/2007 3:02 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have to agree with the comments about the women sportscasters. execpt for Cammie and Debbie Banker Merritt Contardi they have all been less than adequate. Also that last comment about holy water was really tacky!
from the neighborhood

at 9/05/2007 3:22 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does Terry whoever change his last
name according to what city he happens to be working in. In Cincinnati he uses Daniels. In Toledo he used Thill.

Agree with some of the other posts.
What is taking 9 so long to replace

at 9/05/2007 3:55 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shannon Kettler should get a shot at the anchor spot. I think she does a good job when she fills in.

at 9/05/2007 4:03 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who is going to do weekend sports on Channel 9 now?

at 9/05/2007 4:20 PM Blogger Kevin LeMaster said...

Paula Faris left to work in a larger market. It was a no-brainer.

at 9/05/2007 4:50 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

You have to feel bad for the rest of the morning people at 9 with all these male anchors coming in and out. How hard must that be to make work.?

at 9/05/2007 5:25 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey kiese why didnt you post about paul adler leaving town on the blog.

at 9/05/2007 5:37 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey kiese,
I was wondering when day time programming comes back with all new episodes like keith ablow and greg bernhardt and shows like that.

at 9/05/2007 8:59 PM Anonymous Joe said...

Shannon Kettler should get a shot at the anchor position. I think she does a great job when she fills in.

at 9/05/2007 11:54 PM Blogger skippercollector said...

A different sort of question:
I looked over the revised channel lineup that I received the other week for the basic and standard tier for Time Warner in the city of Cincinnati. (I know, I know, it's shocking and horrifying to some of you that I (a) have Time Warner; and (b) have only basic and standard tiers, but that's not my question.)
Channel 24 is now listed as TV Guide/Community Access/WPBO PBS 42. In Green Township, Channel 24 is a cable guide. I checked Channel 24 on my own TV tonight (Sept. 5) and only got the community access. I looked up WPBO on the Internet and learned it is based in Portsmouth.
Is this a station that Time Warner has added to its lineup, and if so, is it included in the city of Cincinnati TW programming? If it is, why was it added? What sort of programming does it carry?

at 9/06/2007 11:38 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you suppose that Barbara Walter's decision to add Sherry Shepherd now has anything to do with Whoopi's case of 'foot in mouth disease' over the Michael Vick comments? She's been backpedaling (Whoopi) bigtime.
I personally would have gone with Sherry first anyway.
from the neighborhood

at 9/06/2007 12:03 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

it looks like 9 is just cutting back. heard they dropped a sports producer position too. so it's just less sports from 9. i'll miss lisa

at 9/06/2007 1:00 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

jay warren should get a shot. He anchored GMT by himself on labor day and did a great job. I think he should be given the oppt for the 530 news.

My question why do clyde and carol need that half hour off.

at 9/06/2007 1:24 PM Blogger Joshua said...

I'm guessing that is for the eastern areas of Time Warner (such as Hillsboro, Winchester, and the like) that are closer to Portsmouth, who have to carry WPBO due to the must-carry rules. (I think any channel within 50 miles of the headend)

at 9/07/2007 3:51 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

From Wednesday's NewsBlues... priceless!!

Clueless Cincinnati TV critic John Kiesewetter tries, but fails, to make sense of staff changes at WCPO-9-ABC (Market #33).

at 9/07/2007 8:54 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Speaking of station "cutting budget" at the expense of air talent, I absolutely will turn off the TV at the first sight of Rene Russo, the new 19 sports guy (Mr Stiff) and the girl doing sports on 12.

Isn't there any better talent available out there ?

at 9/07/2007 9:51 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

If recent memory serves correctly, Channel 9's weekend sports position was a hotbed for national job opportunity. Bill Hemmer, The young lady who name escapes me right now (her father played in the nba) Bob Holtzman, and maybe one more all went on to national jobs with the exception of Ms. Nero who I thought did a excellent job. I became a channel 9 morning viewer when she switched.

at 9/07/2007 10:08 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

As I type this, it is 10 am on Friday morning. You have not posted anything on your blog since Tuesday. You on vacation, again???? It is amazing that nothing has happened media wise since Tuesday, except for Willie's loud mouth---again. And WLW once again, offending people all in the name of ratings----this time Adam Dunn. It's amazing that even though he apologized, why this is not being compared to about this same time last year, when Furman ran his racist remark rant on TJ Houshmanzadah. These cases are the same. Let's see if the weasels in Clear Channel management come to a similar decision. I am guessing, no. Again, all in the name of the all-mighty rating and dollar.

Anything else happening? Oh yeah, the Big Ten Network reached a deal with the Dish Network almost doubling the number of people that get that channel.

That should do it for now. Let me know if you need any more help Kiese.

at 9/07/2007 11:07 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Skippercollector, One would assume that it would carry the same kind of programming you would expect to see on a PBS station, aka PBS programming. My question is, what does TW intend to put on Channel 32 now that they've moved ESPN Classic?

at 9/07/2007 11:30 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shannon Kettler as anchor? Last I checked they had a female anchor. Two women aren't working at 5, why would they work at 9?

at 9/07/2007 5:12 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was watching the other morning and saw a person by the first name of Candice doing traffic the other morning. I think that she would be a good anchor over some of those "others" at channel 9.

at 9/08/2007 12:14 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

update on paula ferris she expecting her first child very soon and what makes me shudder is the thought that mike mattingly will probably be doing more sports anchoring IIIICCCKKK
Cincinnati is just a spot on the map for most newspeople and to skipper collector twc is trying another fast one on us all i mean look at all the community access channels we have in which i called and was told we have all the community access because of government regulations yet no network dups accept for 4 friggin PBS channels and now multiples including the digital sub channels

at 9/08/2007 12:18 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Speaking of station "cutting budget" at the expense of air talent, I absolutely will turn off the TV at the first sight of Rene Russo, the new 19 sports guy (Mr Stiff) and the girl doing sports on 12.

Isn't there any better talent available out there ?

9/07/2007 8:54 AM

could you mean REGINA Russo Rene Russo is an actress not a news anchor

at 9/10/2007 11:39 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think you'll find more of sports director John Popovich than Sports Producer Mike Mattingly doing more sports in Cincinnati.

Weekend AM taped sports updates are on the same level as Netcats and Traffic... they'll put anyone on TV...

Actually, maybe the same goes for Weekend AM News anchors and Weather at channel 9.

at 9/11/2007 2:24 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why would Channel 9 take a sports anchor from sports only to have a sports producer with less experience do the anchoring?

at 9/25/2007 8:50 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I watch 9 in the morning everyday and I don't think Katherine and Terry have good chemistry on screen - not like David and Katherine did. Katherine is funny and laid back...she and David played well off each other. Terry seems a bit uptight. Maybe it's because he's only there for a month, who knows.

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