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John Kiesewetter on the world of local and national TV

Senior Entertainment Reporter John Kiesewetter has been covering TV and media issues for 20 years. After joining the Cincinnati Enquirer in 1975 as a summer intern, he worked as a county government and suburban reporter; assistant city editor and suburban editor; and features editor supervising the Life section. He has a B.S. in journalism from Ohio University.

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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The NFL, ESPNU and Time Warner

Time Warner Cable folks are bracing for a NFL Network publicity campaign, now that Time Warner has taken over the 55,000 Adelphia customers in Butler, Brown, Hamilton and Clermont counties. The NFL Network wants carriage on TWC, says TWC spokeswoman Karen Baxter. Some Adelphia systems – but none in Greater Cincinnati – carried the NFL Network channel, which does 8 games a year and other NFL programming. Baxter says the company anticipates a big publicity push from the NFL. According to TWC, the NFL Network wants to be a basic channel, while the cable company prefers it in a sports tier for an additional fee. Baxter also says the NFL Network costs “more than the highest-rated cable networks,” so I'm guessing she means ESPN and other channels. She doesn’t expect TWC to carry it any time soon.

It appears to be a different situation for ESPNU, the college sports channel. When the Adelphia systems were absorbed Tuesday, TWC dropped ESPNU in those areas because TWC didn't have a contract for the service. Baxter says TWC hopes “to reach an agreement soon” to restore ESPNU, likely on a sports tier. But she wasn’t certain if ESPNU would be added systemwide here, or just returned to the old Adelphia communities. (It would seen odd that TWC would pick up ESPNU, and not make it available systemwidce here, right?) I’ll post more as I learn it. But I'm guessing that ESPNU will be widely available here soon.

"Queer Eye" not canceled
Spent most of my morning chasing down a web report saying that Bravo had canceled "Queer Eye." The International Movie Data Base said the show was done after three seasons, quoting Fab Five guy Jai Rodriguez as saying, "We haven't been asked back for 2007."
Here's the link:
But I knew from talking in June to creator/executive producer David Collins -- a West Chester native and '85 Lakota grad -- that "Queer Eye" was shooting its '07 season this summer, including the 100th episode. Anyway, long story short: Bravo contract runs out after fifth season airs in '07... Bravo publicists says Bravo wants to renew... and Collins is not worried, saying Bravo usually orders next season in September or early October. So all signs point to more years of the Fab Five on Bravo....

DJ Dick Wagner dies
Dick Wagner, one of the original 1960s WSAI-AM "Good Guys," died in Louisville on July 28. He was 77. After WSAI, he worked at WKLO-AM (1080) in Lousiville, under his real name, Dick Braun.
Says Joe London of oldies WDJO-AM (1160): "It is at WKLO where I had the privilege of working with "Dickie" Braun. A very talented announcer, he excelled in the radio production techniques of the day. He required crutches to get around, yet he never let it interfere with his ability to be witty and clever and full of energy. Dick eventually joined WAMZ, the top rated county station in Louisville, creatively handling those duties for many years. Some of Dick’s WSAI radio commercials can currently be heard on the weekends on WDJO -- when we air vintage commercials from the 60’s."
More info is available on the tribute to WKLO website:
Here is the obit from the Lousiville Courier-Journal last week:


at 8/02/2006 1:09 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anything for TWC to make a buck...they are so far behind in channel availability. I wish they didn't have a monopoly here. If it wasn't for local channels in hi def I would go with satellite. Loved their billing system changeover....they jerked me around for a month and I still got screwed.

at 8/02/2006 3:02 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I switched to DirectTV in March and can report that I like it better than TWC. My biggest rub was that they REFUSE to offer Logo, yet add other repetitious programming every year. The best part - it's cheaper! Current internet is comparable to Road Runner in speed; maybe Duke should think about offering cable TV and give old Virg some competition...

at 8/02/2006 3:25 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

to mr or ms anon 3:02 pm 3 cheers for you thats a great idea i mean duke is for the most part already wired just need to put in adapters for cable frequencies

at 8/02/2006 7:22 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

All you need to get the local channels in Hi Def is an antenna. At my house I get all 38 digital channels from Cincinnati and Dayton with an indoor antenna. They also look better over the air than what comes over TWC after TWC gets done compressing the signal. Plus you can get all the digital channels that TWC doesn't carry.

at 8/02/2006 7:53 PM Blogger nky_jenn79 said...

Is there any news about whether Insight basic cable will be carrying the new CW channel? I think I just saw the tail-end of a commercial on Channel 12 that said something like the CW will be on Channel 25 starting this fall. Thanks for the info in advance.

at 8/02/2006 10:42 PM Blogger TV Guy said...

Word is that Cincinnati CW will ONLY be available on Insight (basic) and DirecTV...Time Warner is not joining the party.

at 8/02/2006 11:04 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Time warner will NEVER i repeat NEVER be customer friendly they are always passing the buck (and trying to keep it as well)when it comes toseeing what customers want i called to see when we were going to get fox reality channel and was told that we werent going to get it and i said it says we will get it in the mailing we we supposed to get it and the phone rep said no we arent getting it so down with time warner ......if everyone starts flooding tw with phone calls maybe we can make a diff ....also KIESE who do we call at the city to complain about tw and start a process to maybe get a new or secong cable company here in cinci

at 8/03/2006 12:04 AM Blogger nky_jenn79 said...

Thanks for the info TV Guy. Glad that I will get to still see the shows that I liked on the WB.

at 8/03/2006 8:06 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

TV you know that for sure?

I read that Channel 12 picked up CW and is running on a digital channel and that they are working with Time Warner to get carriage.

Are the talks off?

at 8/03/2006 9:27 AM Blogger BMurdock said...

Man, I love my DirecTV...

at 8/03/2006 11:44 AM Blogger nky_jenn79 said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

at 8/03/2006 1:00 PM Blogger NVExel said...


This is Jim. You know who I am. The idea that NFL net is more expensive than ESPN is a joke. TWC probably pays $2.60 per mo/per sub for ESPN. Two years ago, NFL was giving it away. They are probably still under a dollar.

Programming agreements for TW are made at a national level...this causes a delay in offering channels. ESPNU is being given is ESPN2 HD if you carry ESPN HD. No excuse for non-carriage here.

at 8/03/2006 1:26 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Our community leaders (i.e. mayors, councilmembers - in the city and the suburbs)sold us down the river in the 80's when they gave WarnerAmex Cable (now TWC)exclusive rights to the area. Remember that hot new interactive technology called "QUBE?") I understand they built the system and improved it (kicking and screaming all the way) and have a vested interest, but our leaders (?) put us in a no-win scenario for years. No competition, high prices, lagging technology and programming, yadda yadda.

Realistically, unless Cinti Bell or Duke Energy jump into the arena with their infrastructures, what's the alternative unless old Virg gets "acquired" - and you know how likely that will be.

at 8/03/2006 2:46 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Note to the last post: WarnerAmex/TWC DOESN'T have an exclusive contract with any suburb! If another company, like Comcast, wanted to compete, they can. It's just a franchise thing.

at 8/03/2006 2:52 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...


According to our last bill, Insight will put the CW on channel 25. WBQC will then be moved up to 189 or some ridiculous channel. Which is sad because I loves my "Morning Buzz". Mitch English forever! 9News never!

at 8/03/2006 3:43 PM Blogger BMurdock said...

I like to flip over to the "Morning Buzz" from time to time. They give the basic news and don't take themselves too seriously.

at 8/03/2006 5:03 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Isn't NFL already part of the Sports tier for Comcast and the digital tier for Insight. So why does the NFL network think they deserve basis tier status with Time Warner?

From what I understand, with or without the NFL network, I'll still see the same number of Bengals games.

at 8/03/2006 7:50 PM Anonymous JeffDavis said...

The FCC is making TW put NFL Network back on:

at 8/03/2006 11:07 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Morning Buzz" is the worst news show I have ever seen. It looks worse than a college news show.

at 8/04/2006 11:00 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

to all bengals fans there is one bengals game Thu.NOV 30 RAVENS 8:00 PM 1530 Homer; 92.5 The Fox; 700 WLW NFL Network this game is exclusive nfl tv channel or radio no regular tv if you have cable CALL THEM NOW flood them with calls all day everyday and say work it out to carry NFL Network go to and look at schedule to verify

at 8/04/2006 11:04 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

to jeff davis: the nfl network is back on temporarily just on systems that were adelphia cable tw can take it back off the system 30 days after notifying nfl network about droppage

at 8/04/2006 11:48 PM Anonymous JeffDavis said...

Mr 11:04, I know that. That's why I said they're putting it BACK on. (The Adelphia systems they bought.) But, how long will it be before TW is pressured into putting it onto all opf their systems? I've had it on DirecTV for years now, and I'm surprised at how many diehard football fans have never seen it.

at 8/07/2006 11:58 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is ridiculous for TW not to carry NLF Network and the CW, two networks that people actually want to see, instead of the dozens of loser networks that no one watches.

I'm thinking satellite for sure.

at 8/07/2006 3:40 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fresh from the IMDB (Internet Movie Data Base)

FCC Forces Time Warner Cable To Restore NFL Network

Just days after bouncing the NFL Network from the cable systems it acquired from Adelphia and Comcast, Time Warner Cable has been ordered by the FCC to restore the network to those cable outlets. The FCC indicated that Time Warner Cable may have violated FCC rules by dropping the network without giving its subscribers a 30-day notice that it was doing so. The commission's decision said that "each day Time Warner customers go without the NFL Network significantly and irreparably harms many of them, particularly those in Buffalo, Cleveland, and Dallas, each of which is home to an NFL team." Time Warner does not carry the NFL network on its other cable systems.
If this is the case we will never see the nfl channel here but heres an idea what if we the consumers start calling the bengals and flood them with calls and say to mike brown please get involved to let the cincinnati fans who cant get to the field to see games cause they are sold out and what ever help us get the nfl network

at 8/07/2006 7:29 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wonder if the deal with NFL Network is like ESPN's, in regards to the home team seeing the game. In the past, it's been up for bid, like WCPO airing the ESPN game.

at 8/07/2006 10:44 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...,20812,1195557,00.html
I found this on TWCs website so i believe will will the cw network being tw owns part of the shows as well as the network and cable here

at 8/07/2006 10:45 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

2,1195557,00.html add to the previous post

at 8/08/2006 7:10 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

we will probably hear it twc will carry 12.2 digital cable aka the cw network because if john will confirm or the 30 day drop or carry rule ie advertise

at 8/08/2006 7:14 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

probably arounf the 20th of this month i forgot to put this in my last post

at 8/09/2006 7:50 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

huh? the last two posts sound like a nascar post race interview.

at 8/09/2006 5:13 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

to Anonymous said...
huh? the last two posts sound like a nascar post race interview.

8/09/2006 7:50 AM
I will Elaborate my 2 posts for you. I will type slowly for you so that you may comprehend what i typed.
i believe that there is a 30 day rule on weather a channel is carried or not, if it is to be or not to be carried the must be advertising about it ie ad in newspaper or on tv so if the cw network officially starts on sept 20 then we should rear by aug 19 or so

at 8/09/2006 6:24 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

man, if that's slowly so we can comprehend it, i'd hate to see what happens when you just slam something out. ever heard of spell check? and by the way, "weather" = rain, "whether" = choice.

at 8/09/2006 9:44 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

well excuse me on the spelling i was on the phone on listening to the tv and the WEATHER report came on and blitzed my brain

at 8/10/2006 7:43 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let me try and decipher what he/she is typing... "He/She thinks that there is a '30 day rule' on whether a channel is carried or not. Either way, their must be advertising about it, i.e., ad in newspaper or on tv. So if the cw network officially starts on sept 20 then we should hear via tv ad or print ad by aug 19."

You have to admit that does sound a little better and a little more clear to the readers.

at 8/13/2006 12:57 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

just saw a commercial on 12 about the cw and it was advertising it on direct tv and insight cable

at 8/13/2006 1:09 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

saw a commercial on 12 and it was for the cw and it was showing it will be on directv and insight cable but alas no tw cable

at 8/13/2006 6:35 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...



WKRC-TV was awarded the CW affiliation. This new network will debut in mid-September with most of the fan-favorite shows from both the WB and UPN networks as well as some exciting new programs!


Monday: 7 th Heaven, Runaway (New)
Tuesday: Gilmore Girls, Veronica Mars
Wednesday: America’s Next Top Model, One Tree Hill
Thursday: Smallville, Supernatural
Friday: WWE Smackdown
Sunday: Everybody Hates Chris, All of Us, Girlfriends, The Game (New), America’s Next Top Model (reprise)


-DirecTV, channel 25
-Insight Cable, channel 25
-WKRC-TV digital channel, 12.2.

WKRC-TV is currently in negotiations with Time-Warner Cable for channel space on the basic tier.

Loyal viewers of the WB and UPN networks are urged to contact their cable or satellite supplier and request an “analog channel on the basic tier” for the new CW network affiliate, WKRC-TV 12.2.

Time Warner Communications
Customer Service: 513-469-1145
Administration: 513-489-5000

Insight Communications:
Customer Service: 859-431-0300
Administration: 859-431-7766

Toll Free: 1-800-707-6088


at 8/13/2006 7:24 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have Time Warner basic cable i'am hearing different things about the is it going to on basic or not? and if so what channel?

at 8/19/2006 10:00 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd say let WKRC take over channel 20 on TimeWarner, for the hours needed to air the CW.

That was the deal for channel25, in order for them to air UPN. Yes?

I see nothing big on 25's plate to justify running on Warner. If I want to see Magnum PI rererereruns, I'll watch WGN or Sleuth Channel, or even TVLand.

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