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John Kiesewetter on the world of local and national TV

Senior Entertainment Reporter John Kiesewetter has been covering TV and media issues for 20 years. After joining the Cincinnati Enquirer in 1975 as a summer intern, he worked as a county government and suburban reporter; assistant city editor and suburban editor; and features editor supervising the Life section. He has a B.S. in journalism from Ohio University.

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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Steve Stewart: Going, Going, Gone...

Was surprised -- very pleasantly so -- to see today's story that the Reds are dropping radio announcer Steve Stewart. It's not that I'm a Nuxhall fan... he just didn't add much to the broadcasts to me. With all the home runs we hit, you'd think he could bring some excitement and expectation to them, instead of uncertainty. I just wasn't a Steve Stewart fan. To me, the whole "Bad Boy" nickname was appropriate, because I thought he was really mediocre baseball announcer, particularly seated next to a Hall of Famer.
Here's the link to the story. You may have to copy and paste in your browser:

I give the new owners credit for having guts to make the move.... To me, Stew was as weak as our bullpen.

Who's Next?
So who should replace Steve? My guess is that Nux will be back for limited duty (only home games??). My third man in the booth would be former Ch 19 sports anchor Dan Hoard, who was marvelous filling in for Marty last year. He was insightful and well prepared, and sometimes Scully-like in his storytelling. And I'd also groom a former player, so Hoard could take over play-by-play when Marty retires.
But with the new owners promoting the power of tradition, my guess is that the new guy will be a former player. A great choice would be Chris Welsh (and put Pete Rose on TV?), if he wanted to work every game from March to October. Would Larkin be interested? Oester? Dave Parker? I'm not counting on Thom Brennaman coming back to work with Dad, given his position (and pay) with the Diamondbacks.
Surprisingly, not many former Reds players have done much radio work here, except for brief stints by Dave Collins, Ted Power and, of course, Tracy Jones. Tracy wouldn't be my choice, because his WLW radio work is more about Tracy than the team. His weekday "Brennaman & Jones on Baseball" really should be called "Brennaman & Jones on Tracy." I'm just not a fan of the Tracer. I'd prefer someone like Marty, who works hard to develop sources with players and the front office, and really tells Reds fans what's going on. We'll see what happens. We'll see how fans vote on our poll, offering the choice of Nux, Hoard, Thom Brennaman and Pete.
The link for our poll:

Are you a Stew fan? Will you miss him?
Glad to see a change in the Reds Radio booth?
Who would you like to hear on Reds games, and why?


at 8/20/2006 5:40 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

A further dismantling of the many mistakes Carl Linder made during his ownership. Stewart seems like a nice enough guy and the type you could hear on any broadcast, generic.

Who are the idiots who manufactured out of thin air the "Bad Boy" personna?? Didn't quite catch on there marketing guys.

at 8/20/2006 6:45 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

not a steve fan at all...dan hoard should have gotten the job years ago!

at 8/20/2006 7:11 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Bad Boy" sounds like something stupid that someone at WLW came up with, let's just be glad he's gone.

He's a dull, boring, "Ralph Radio" type, if you know what I mean.

Hoard would be great, but an ex-player fills that role better, like Nuxhall did for decades.

A former player who may not have the best grammer. A former player who is loved by all Reds. A former player with unmatched insight of the game. A former player who would make you listen to the radio and turn down the sound on TV. There's only one. PETE ROSE.

at 8/20/2006 8:21 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Frankly, put both Dan Hoard and Chris Welch in the booth with Marty, get rid of George "Gosh and Golly Gee yuck yuck" Grande and make the game simulcast on radio and TV.

Fox Sports Cincinnati is going to air 145 or 150 of the 181 games next year. It's time they do what many can't do anymore (with TimeWarner's 5 second delay)...that being muting the TV and listening to the radio.

What a radio team it would be: Marty & Joe, Dan and Chris. And...Dan can continue doing UC Bearcat games.


at 8/20/2006 8:57 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hoard Hoard Hoard Hoard Hoard Hoard Hoard Hoard Hoard Hoard Hoard Hoard oh btw did i say Hoard

at 8/20/2006 10:59 PM Blogger Aviator said...

Stewart never sounded like he was comfortable in the booth with Marty. This season there was better or more comraderie b/w the 2 of them. There is just no replacement that can be Joe! Stewart is a nice guy, he just isn't the right fit for the Reds radio booth. I am a Pete Rose fan, but I think for the long term and to carry the torch, Dan is your man.

at 8/21/2006 7:08 AM Blogger BrianDammit said...

My dearly departed father-in-law was a lifelong Reds fan and he often opined that Tracy Jones was one of the many things wrong with radio. He would say that Andy Fuhrman should have a limousine chaffeur Tracy Jones to work everyday just to ensure that there was someone dumber than he was on the air.

I'm with the mob: Dan Hoard. Stewart was a milquetoast choice from a milquetoast GM okayed by milquetoast owners. The mistake is over. Bring on Dan Hoard.

at 8/21/2006 10:10 AM Blogger Bob812 said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

at 8/21/2006 10:12 AM Blogger BMurdock said...

Dan Hoard- I'd love to see or should I say hear Dan broadcasting Reds games. Question is how long is his current contract and can he get out of it?

Chris Welsh - Chris would be another good choice. We're already familiar with him and he's already under contract.

Pete Rose - Why not? Who knows the game better than Pete? I wouldn't have a problem with it but Major League Baseball might.

Tracy Jones - NO. I love Tracy but he's more of a commentator than a play by play guy.

Lance McAllister - Not sure if he's interested (yeah right who wouldn't be) but he'd be great. He is knowledgable, professional, and grew up here so he knows and understands Reds history and tradition.

at 8/21/2006 10:26 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

My question is , would Pete Rose be allowed to broadcast the REDS games because of his ban from baseball is he able to ? I would love to see Pete (ok hear him)dop the games

at 8/21/2006 10:59 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with most, but not all, of the comments. Hoard would be alright but can't they search around a little bit before handing the crown off to him?

I never liked Welch--he talks too much (well, when he gets a chance versus Grande) and I don't care if one sock is higher than the other or if the batter picks up dirt before grabbing the bat. One of the best things about Nuxy is he knows when to shut up and just have seconds of nothing but crowd noise. That's what I like.

Waite Hoyt, Red Barber, Marty and Joe--none had previous Major league announcing experience when they came to the Reds. Get a former player who's a storyteller. Rose would never do it--he's busy making daughter Cara a star. Dave Parker might be good. Tracy is the TYPE of player, but he's too much of an ego.

at 8/21/2006 2:01 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Steve Stewart was ok, but not very exciting. I am surprised the poll would have Pete Rose as a candidate for the position. Since the radio announcers are employed by the Reds, it will take Pete Rose being reinstated to be on the Reds broadcasts next season. Ain't gonna happen. Not sure about whether Fox Sports could alow Pete on its broadcasts. My guess would be no

at 8/21/2006 6:28 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd like to see Tom Browning get a shot.

at 8/24/2006 10:44 AM Blogger BrianDammit said...

According to Lance McAlister on 1530 Homer...

It is my understanding that the Reds search for their next broadcaster is not only underway....but nearing completion. I believe the next Reds broadcaster can be heard this Saturday afternoon on Fox 19 as the Cubs face the Cards in St Louis...........Thom Brennaman. Don't be surprised if the announcement is made by the end of the season.........IF not sooner.

at 10/18/2006 10:06 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Should have applied himself more to the game rather than internet dating.

at 10/27/2007 9:50 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't know what all the fuss is about. Steve was a great commentator for the reds. He brought alot of personality to the booth.He new what he was talking about, spoke well,he is a nice guy. Well Steve, you can't please everyone, you did have more fans than not.

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