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John Kiesewetter on the world of local and national TV

Senior Entertainment Reporter John Kiesewetter has been covering TV and media issues for 20 years. After joining the Cincinnati Enquirer in 1975 as a summer intern, he worked as a county government and suburban reporter; assistant city editor and suburban editor; and features editor supervising the Life section. He has a B.S. in journalism from Ohio University.

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Friday, April 27, 2007

Inside Look At "Fox19 Morning News" Monday

This could be cool: If you go to 7-9 a.m. Monday during the "Fox 19 Morning News," Fox 19 folks are promising a behind-the-scenes look at the show. A roving camera will go inside the Green Room, where guests gather before they're on the air. They promise you'll see what Rob and Sheila do during commercial breaks, or during Valerie Abati's weathercasts, and how much coffee they consume. This could be a fun experiment.


at 4/27/2007 8:00 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...


Off topic:

Whatever happened to "Harvey Smilovitz" ?? I tried searching for him, but couldn't come up with anything.


at 4/28/2007 12:27 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

BLIND ITEM: Which local radio station does not have a clear conscience for using hispanics as the butt of a joke in a billboard campaign?

at 4/28/2007 7:44 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is so goofy. But, then again this is Mayberry. Sheila and her huge teeth. This show surely is local. The Cincinnati media market is soooooooooooo hookey!!!!

at 4/28/2007 1:45 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sweet! I've always heard that early in the morning, the studio smells just like a Mt. Adams bar! Is this true?

at 4/28/2007 9:25 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh boy!!! That means the 4 or 5 people who watch their news will be entertained.

at 4/29/2007 6:49 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

In response of the billboard issue. I keep hoping with ALL my heart, that somebody for some Company would buy 700 and make it a true full service radio station which this market needs in the worst way. Everything they do they think is funny and who cares if they offend, they just apologize and move on. What a joke. Please someone buy this station and give us less of "in your face" radio.

at 4/29/2007 7:05 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't be soooo rude people. They have a great morning show!

at 4/30/2007 9:54 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

That stereotypical depiction of a "Mexican" on 700 WLW's new billboards (Big Juan) is just as offensive as what Don Imus said, if not more so. At least Imus' comment was off the cuff. 700's racism was calculated, planned, photographed, and put into print.

at 4/30/2007 11:09 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

In regards to the billboard. What do you expect - with the likes of Darryl Parks, Bill Cunningham, Scott Sloan. These nuts think everything they do is sooooooo funny. Its sick, but they will just laugh about it on the shows about how sensitive everyone takes things they do. This station is truly got to go.

at 4/30/2007 1:26 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Watching a local "behind-the-scenes" broadcast is about as exciting as watching a submarine race.

at 4/30/2007 1:42 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

A Marina Jurica Article.....

at 4/30/2007 1:58 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why does Anon 1:45 think so few people watch the FOX19 Morning News? Kies, you get the numbers - how did the 7-9am portion fare against the national competition in February?

at 4/30/2007 1:59 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another off-topic comment: With all the Ch5 bashing on this blog - why no mention of that cheesy jingle about "Derrick Said It Would"?

at 4/30/2007 3:37 PM Anonymous marty said...

what ever happened to marina jurica?

at 4/30/2007 7:46 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Marina Jurica filled in for Cyndee O'Quinn during Easter weekend on Channel 9. My post was blocked by the moderator. I guess I'm not allowed to mention that Cyndee O'Quinn announced she was pregnant with her fourth child. That must have been why I was blocked.

at 4/30/2007 10:31 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

marina jurica filled in on ch. 9 a couple of weekends ago.

at 5/01/2007 12:05 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I guess because so few people are watching 5 that you were the only person who noticed the jingle - ZING!

Carson Palmer needs to get a better agent. First, "No, we don't hire illegals!" Fischer homes ads, and now this.

at 5/01/2007 8:22 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

In reagards to the comment on the Channel 5 weather forecast. Many years ago there was a weather forecaster on channel 5 - Tony Sands. One year in the fall he told us we were to have a very bad snowy winter. Many folks in turn bought 4 - wheel drive vehicles. You guessed it - we had no snow that year. HA so much for the weather forecasters!

at 5/01/2007 9:29 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

That Derek jingle is bad. I can't believe they got Carson Palmer to be involved.

at 5/01/2007 12:55 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's got a catchy tune and all, but why is 5 throwing money down the toilet to promote someone who will either be fired or quit when his contract is up in two years?

At least he's not "the tri-state's severe weather leader, part deux"

at 5/01/2007 2:18 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I believe I saw Marina filling in for Steve Norris a while back.

at 5/01/2007 5:40 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I heard former TV 5 consumer dawg Tom Sussi is returning to FOX?

at 5/04/2007 9:16 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Has anyone else noticed that when Derek "says it will" it DOESN'T.... Oh Well, it is just the same old 5.
What is the next GIMMICK for 5 to try and improve their ratings?

at 5/05/2007 7:56 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ha you all are funny. The weather forecasting on television is nothing more than a ratings game with people playing with fancy computers. The last 3 days they keep saying its going to rain. Here is eastern Hamilton County it has not rained a drop!! Have you ever noticed that Steve (I dont color my hair) Raleigh gets so worked up over storms and loves playing with all his computer equipment. Steve, give it a rest, we know to come in out of the rain!!

at 5/07/2007 12:25 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

An "Inside Look" could be fun. Particularly if it was done on a morning like this morning (did you SEE Ms. Abati!?!). Wish I had my Recorder on.

at 5/18/2007 1:48 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't sand val abati! When are they going to get a new morning person in there?

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