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John Kiesewetter on the world of local and national TV

Senior Entertainment Reporter John Kiesewetter has been covering TV and media issues for 20 years. After joining the Cincinnati Enquirer in 1975 as a summer intern, he worked as a county government and suburban reporter; assistant city editor and suburban editor; and features editor supervising the Life section. He has a B.S. in journalism from Ohio University.

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Friday, June 29, 2007

1360 Switching To ESPN Monday

This is great news for sports fans. ESPN Radio's "Mike & Mike in the Morning" will have a new, stronger Cincinnati affiliate Monday. Clear Channel's 1360 will drop the taped call-in advice shows and pick up "Mike & Mike in the Morning," "Colin Cowherd" and Mason High School graduate Dan Patrick.

No comment from Clear Channel folks yet.... but you can see the website for "Cincinnati's ESPN 1360" at You may have to load it twice, because the first time it kicks to CC's Homer 1530 Homer the Sports Animal. The new site has a link to "1530 The Sports Animal For Local Sports."

Hamilton's WMOH-AM (1450), which has been ESPN's local affiliate for three years, was told Monday that Clear Channel will get ESPN Radio in two months. Actually, it turned out to be seven days. WMOH-AM's weak signal doesn't penetrate all of Hamilton County. In fact, WMOH-AM seldom has enough listeners with Arbitron diaries to make the quarterly ratings. Chris Theiss, WMOH-AM GM, says the station will do a new local morning show, and keep high school sports and Miami University, while searching for daytime syndicated show. It could drop Miami for OSU a year from now, he says.

I live in Fairfield and listen to "Mike & Mike" every day. (They're also on ESPN2 mornings.) They'll give sports fans a strong alternative to CC's Tim Lewis on 1530. And Cowherd and Dan Patrick have good shows, and offer a choice for those listening to Mo and Doyel or Jim Rome.

I think we're a big enough sports town to support sports on 1530, 1360, 700 and Furman and weekend Sporting News on 96.5 FM. (Was this a pre-emptive strike by Clear Channel to keep ESPN from going to 96.5? I expect the Angry Guys to be on 96.5 by end of the year.)

What do you think? Are you an ESPN Radio fan?


at 6/29/2007 12:15 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm glad this is happening. I live down on the river and reception of 1450 was fuzzy at best. It will be nice to get ESPNradio on a clear signal.

at 6/29/2007 12:36 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

WOW. How much did Cheap Channel pony up for THAT commercial Keise??
Aren't you the same guy who said you could hear 1450 all the way into downtown?? Frankly, you can't hear 1360 outside 275, so good luck reaching the influential listeners of West Chester and Mason! Guess they won't get to enjoy Cowherd bashing Cincinnati or Patrick's fill in host for his many vacations, when he's not mailing it in.

at 6/29/2007 1:15 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great that ESPN Radio won't be on the practically non-existent 1450 signal, but now it goes to 1360, which is almost just as bad.

Move the Sports Animal back to 1360 and put ESPN Radio on 1530.

Is it just Patrick, Cowherd and Mike and Mike, Kiese? Or is Sportsbash, AllNight, etc coming with it?

at 6/29/2007 1:43 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...


Monday - Friday

6-10am Mike and Mike in the Morning
10am-1pm The Herd with Colin Cowherd
1-4pm The Dan Patrick Show
4-7pm SportsBash with John Seibel
7-10pm The Pulse with Dave Gottlieb
10pm-2am GameNight with Freddie Coleman and Fred Rickart
2-6am AllNight with Jason Smith


6-7am Best of Mike and Mike in the Morning
7-9am Saturday RaceDay on ESPN Radio
9am-Noon AM GameDay
Noon-3pm GameDay
3-7pm The Huddle
7-10pm GameNight
1-6am The V Show with Bob Valvano


6-7am RaceDay on ESPN Radio
7-9am Fantasy Focus
9am-1pm The John Kincade Show
1-4pm GameDay
4-7:35pm The Baseball Show
7:35pm-1am GameNight
1-6am The V Show with Bob Valvano

at 6/29/2007 2:04 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

The little guy gets squashed by corporate radio again. Nice!

at 6/29/2007 2:42 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm not sure why CC didn't just put it on 1530. Lewis SUCKS. I've heard more exciting filibusters on CSPAN. The only thing 1530 has left is Lance. Everything else is nauseating.

at 6/29/2007 2:49 PM Anonymous Eric said...


Moved to State College, PA a couple of years ago and began listening to ESPN Radio on local station here (was an avid listener to WLW, 1530, et al. in Cincy for 20+ years). I absolutely hate it. I get SICK of the incessant talk on Yankees, Red Sox, and Jets. There isn't a day that goes by that Mike & Mike aren't spending a segment of their show discussing the Yankees or Jets. I got so sick of it, in fact, that I finally just tuned it out. After turning it off, I felt a definite void in my day since I was groomed for so many years on Cincy sports talk. To fill the void I bought XM and listen to 700 whenever possible (or 1530 over the air on clear nights out on my back deck). ESPN has completely sold out to the Yankees, Boston, and all other east coast teams (if you don't believe me follow how many times Yankees have been on ESPN baseball this year).

at 6/29/2007 3:14 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Any alternative to 1530's morning programming is welcome. The new lineup is absolutely awful.

at 6/29/2007 3:15 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good GOD!!!! Clear Channel strikes again. More sports, more sports, and more sports. Why cant we get a decent news/information morning drive or afternoon drive. Now on 1360 in the morning, we got two fast talking blow hards to go along with a faster talker on 700. Clear Channel, YUK!

at 6/29/2007 3:44 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

eee gads. Now 1360 goes sports. So I guess the , pardon the expression, Bengals will be on 700, 1360, 92.5, and 1530. Just put the stupid games on all the Clear Channel stations and be done with it. Corporate radio and Cincinnati radio is so in the toilet!!!

at 6/29/2007 3:45 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anything that any station puts on as far as sports goes from 9am - 12pm have to be better than those two 12 year olds on 1530 in that time slot. They are so terrible. They carry on like a couple of 12 year olds.

at 6/29/2007 5:16 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tim Lewis gets very few phone calls and has few guests so he winds up with boring commentary. He's obviously laying an egg and the two guys who come after him are a wonderful example of awful radio.
In addtion that station--homer--has all-night preachers who thay have promised to delete but they have not done so.

So good for ESPN. Will listen to 1360 except for Lance.

at 6/29/2007 8:14 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

what you talking bout? mo and greg are hilarious, dude. good topics, funny stuff. get real.

at 6/29/2007 8:19 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree 1530's new lineup is miserable
Richard Skinner was the most intelligent host in town. It was a major error to let him go.

at 6/30/2007 9:55 AM Blogger gregg said...

Mo and Gregg are terrific. You don't know what you're talking about. And yes my name is Gregg.

at 6/30/2007 12:26 PM Anonymous Tim in Milford said...

Wow, CC is scared of 96.5 I think. With the two angry guys going there and Furman and that kid he has on these days doing so well, I wouldn't be suprised to see 96.5 become the dominant sports station in town.

at 6/30/2007 4:58 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

1360 should just go all Fox Sports Radio.

at 7/01/2007 3:34 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is sad. I'm really going to miss Clark Howard, Leo LaPorte on weekends, the weekday rebroadcasts of our local guys (Ron Howard, Gary Sullivan, Steve Overbeck), and even Neil Bortz and Dr. Laura. I like sports, too, especially Bengals coverage. But we need more of it? I don't think so!

Guess I'll be streaming other cities' radio stations and listening to podcasts to get the information I'll be missing. (Unless SuperTalk picks up some of these shows. Clark Howard and Leo LaPorte on SuperTalk...that would be SWEET!)

at 7/02/2007 7:21 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

to anon at 3:34. I know the feeling on getting "information" on Cincinnati radio. 1360 and 1530 are horrible, 55 is so conservative its scary, and 700 is so bad I want to puke. Have you ever noticed on the morning show, that Jim Scott never says hello or good-bye on all those interviews? Drives me nuts.

at 7/02/2007 7:23 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

1530 between 9am and noon. Those two immature kids are the worst thing talk radio has ever offered in this market. They act like pimply faced teenagers that argue about things that are meaningless. I am rooting for 96.5 to kick their toush in ratings. Its wont be long folks.

at 7/02/2007 2:09 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

What I think is funny (and Cutler's like this, too) is they try to be the wise guys, but when someone flips it back on them, they get so upset---won't let the caller speak or will hang up. Hilarious.

Example on the sunday morning show, Greg was very upset about a caller criticizing a joke he made on his show. It was a Krivsky joke involving a former pitcher who recently passed away.

at 7/02/2007 4:15 PM Blogger Wayne "Box" Miller said...

Don't forget us at 1230 the Buzz' Prime Time Sports Show (M-F 5-7 pm). We are one of the sports talk stops in town.

Wayne "Box" Miller

at 7/02/2007 4:31 PM Blogger bmurdock said...

I don't mind Mo and Greg but sometimes it does seem like they are trying to recreate the Two Angry Guys.

at 7/02/2007 7:11 PM Anonymous Dave said...

it's about time!

at 7/03/2007 7:12 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Listen to Tim Lewis for one week and you will see that the number of calls he gets you could just about count on one hand. Cincinnati radio - a guy doing overnight news from midnight to 5am and then do a 3 hours sports talk show. Real nice!!

at 7/03/2007 7:15 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have you noticed that with the recent firing of the Reds Manager, all the callers calling in and they all have the answers , not to mention all of the "you know", "know what I'm saying" and "i mean". Oh boy compelling radio.

at 7/03/2007 10:05 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its so funny that Clear Channel promotes HD radio as the wave of the future that somehow is going to bring more choices. Yeah right. Everything is so consolidated - local radio is garbage.

I didn't have my Sirius with me a few weekends ago - and it was like I was back in 1985. Q102, mix, all of them playing the same old tired 80s songs. Kiss has no format whatsoever - urban, country, pop- you name it they'll throw it on the airwaves.

And the COMMERCIALS!!!! We now interrupt this ad set for a song. Gimme a break. I'll happily pay my $12.95 a month so I can have some variety and choice.

at 7/03/2007 11:38 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pretty bad when you feel a network that caters mostly to Yankees/Red Sox/Lakers/USC/et al who's rising star is a clown who hates your answer. This move was done to keep Mike & Mike--Collin Cowherd off 96.5. I hear Mike & Mike might not be around that much longer because of their work on the TV side. They may end up being the Monday Night Football crew soon.

at 7/03/2007 7:09 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have to agree with the comments about Mo and Gregg. Bad radio. They sound amateurish and out of place in a larger market such as this. Not their fault necessarily. I blame the higher ups at CC for allowing this. But getting by on the cheap is the name of the game these days and it's sad that markets like Cincinnati have suddenly become training grounds for new talent. That used to happen in places like Wilmington and Lima.

Commercial radio is slowly but surely becoming a non-factor.

at 7/04/2007 8:50 AM Anonymous rick said...

I don't know, but I kinda like Mike and Mike.... I'm glad they are on locally.

I do truly miss the Angry Guys. I hope the reports of their rebirth on 96.5 are true...

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