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John Kiesewetter on the world of local and national TV

Senior Entertainment Reporter John Kiesewetter has been covering TV and media issues for 20 years. After joining the Cincinnati Enquirer in 1975 as a summer intern, he worked as a county government and suburban reporter; assistant city editor and suburban editor; and features editor supervising the Life section. He has a B.S. in journalism from Ohio University.

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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Marc Amazon Back On The Air

Did you hear former 1360 sports talk host Marc Amazon filling in for Tim Lewis this morning on WCKY-AM (1530 HOMER)?

I didn't realize he was back in town. Neither did Dave Armbruster, Clear Channel's sports operations director, until program director Darryl Parks suggested Amazon for Thursday's show. Lewis had to work the holiday for WLW-AM news, his other part-time job at Clear Channel.

I was impressed with his interview with Fox Reds TV analyst Chris Welsh about Homer Bailey, possible trades and Mgr. Pete Mackanin. So was Armbruster. "I thought he was pretty good," Armbruster says. Although it was just a one-shot fill-in, we could hear more of Amazon on Clear Channel. Armbruster hired Amazon for Clear Channel's old 1360 HOMER in 1998, but he lost his afternoon show when the station hired Lance McAlister and the Two Angry Guys from WBOB-AM in 2000. He also did some fill-in work on WLW-AM's "SportsTalk" back in 2001.

Did you hear Amazon? What did you think? Want to hear more of him?


at 7/05/2007 11:29 AM Blogger Antonio said...

Can Tim Lewis (who puts me to sleep in the mornings) and hire Amazon, asap.

at 7/05/2007 11:42 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

It was great to hear Marc back in Cincinnati. Today's show was different than just ragging on the Reds and general complaining. He brought an insight that has been lacking, and I for one hope to hear alot more of him now that he is back in town.

at 7/05/2007 11:43 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I actually had 1530 on this morning, and listened. Amazon was way better than Tim Lewis...He had some personality in his voice and thoughts....Tim Lewis needs to make reading the news his main job, not adding in his non-sense commentary.

at 7/05/2007 11:51 AM Blogger Brad said...

I agree, He was better than Tim Lewis.

Of course, my dog puking for 3 hours is better than Tim Lewis....

at 7/05/2007 2:02 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

YID, get off your can and hire this guy now! WAY better than the big dog...

at 7/05/2007 2:14 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I echo all that has been said. I enjoyed Amazon during his previous stint on HOMER, and I thought he brought a greatly needed burst of energy to the morning program that has been lacking with Lewis. Lewis just seems to lack the energy he possessed during his first stint in Cincinnati. Perhaps its the long overnight news schedule, but something isn't working. Honestly I like Amazon solo in the mornings moreso than I did Richard Skinner.

at 7/05/2007 3:05 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I also would prefer Amazon. I've given Tim Lewisa cnahce, btu I don't thnk he's very good.

at 7/05/2007 4:43 PM Anonymous Anonymous said... blows lewis out of the water...more energy...does not need to search for words to make a point...better pacing...i could go on...

at 7/05/2007 4:46 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amazon was great, as he was during his previous stint. I always thought it was a shame that he got replaced by Lance, but what can you do?

If CC made the smart move, I may consider listening to Homer again in the mornings on the way to work. I just can't stomach Tim Lewis - I want to wake up as I'm driving down 71, not fall back asleep.

Of course, if (when) the Angries go live on 96.5, it would be a tough call between them and Amazon. Knowing CC, they'll probably keep Lewis on and make my decision easier.

P.S. - I know they read this blog because they use it in their promos. CC - get rid of Tim Lewis!

at 7/05/2007 5:49 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I guess I will be the one who goes against the norm. Amazon is a fine host. I have no problems with him, but I have liked the Big Dog since his days at BOB. He does have some struggles with the energy at times in the morning, and I think we all know why. That has to be pretty hard to be up all night doing news, and then immediately change into a radical show host. IF Clear Channel would take him off the news and give him the chance to focus, I think we'd see a much different Dog. I don't think you Lewis haters, actually remember how good the Dog was. He was the best in the city in the 90's, and just needs to be able to focus on one thing at that company; doing a great show. Get him out of doing the News! Now if you're talking about putting Amazon in place of the Angry wannabees, that I could get behind. I can hardly stomach the Mo and Greg show. Horrible.

at 7/05/2007 7:06 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

i listened this AM also, and was very impressed. i had to get to work by 6:30 and enjoyed the "Gamble-like" rant against neighbors and firecrackers.

at 7/05/2007 9:03 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good to hear Amazon again, but leave the Big Dog alone. Tim is my cup of coffee in the morning. I love that he has come back. I used to listen to him a few years ago, and I for one am grateful the bigwigs at CC found him and put him back on. I agree with the earlier post, replace the two smart alecs with Amazon. That would be a great lineup.

at 7/05/2007 9:47 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another "I wish I hadn't left town hack" makes the airwaves again. Amazon was bad then and he's bad now. What's next, bringing back the one they "fired"?? I wish someone at Clear Channel would grow a brain. It's obvious that there isn't one on the 6th floor in Kenwood right now. Sales staff leaving left and right and the programmers can't make up their mind who's doing the morning show. on Homer.

Gee....I wonder if filling the Burbank vacancy is going to be this smooth. Let me guess, Duke Sinatra, no, Rob Ervin, no, Russ Jackson, no, Mark Amazon, no................

at 7/05/2007 10:27 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I enjoyed having Amazon on this morning to fill in for Lewis. I'd heard good things about Lewis over the past couple years and was excited to hear that he was going to be back on the air on 1530, but I've got to admit, I can't even stand listening to Lewis in the morning. It's almost like he is just filibustering in a non-energetic voice.

It's pretty sad when I used to listen to 1530 quite a bit, and now the only one I still listen to is Lance on the drives home.

at 7/06/2007 9:25 AM Anonymous the truth said...

Nothing against Amazon, but I can assure you it's always easier for the fill-in to make a big splash because they've had plenty of time to prepare and all of the energy in the world because it's a "no lose" situation. The regular guy gets stuck into a grind and can't bring the same enthusiasm day after day after day--particularly when they're being forced to work an overnight shift prior to doing a talk show. Not taking sides, but I'd bet if the "Rome clone" had to put in the overnight shift before hosting, he probably would'nt have the same energy level. I've heard both, both can be good. Typically the more economical one gets the job.

at 7/06/2007 2:30 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rome clone? I'd heard that knock on Amazon before, and I don't get it. Rome tries too hard... Amazon speaks as a fan. Sounds like a guy that would talk sports at a bar rather that a guy looking to "run" or "rack" his callers. Maybe they have similar sounding voices? I just don't get it. In any event, good to hear him back on the air.

at 7/07/2007 8:34 AM Blogger bmurdock said...

I have to admit the first time I heard Amazon I too thought he reminded me of Rome a bit but it was just his voice. Once you listen to him you know he's not a Rome wannabe or cheap knockoff. I was a regular listener of his during his first stint - back in the days when you could call Homer and get right in. He may not have been as polished as Lance but he has plenty of energy. Hopefully we'll hear more of him in the future.

at 7/09/2007 10:12 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

marc is a voice of the "fan" thru the eyes of a professional!! we are
very fortunate to have someone of his ilk able to substitute at different stations--we have enjoyed
him in the past and have hope for
the future

at 7/09/2007 4:19 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lewis is pretty terrible.. have never heard a host get stumped by more callers asking general sports questions. Amazon sounded great and would be an upgrade.

at 9/10/2007 7:07 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bring back Amazon! He was the only reason to listen to local sports talk radio.

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